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Dress needed! Please come hither all ye great dress searchers....

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Dinkydoos Wed 16-Oct-13 19:31:07

Right, need a dress for a family do on Saturday and also for a few other party style do's.
I've left it very late but thought I could wear something I already had, but realised I am bored of all my dresses plus everyone has seem them a 100 times
Am size 12, quite norky. Decent legs but shit arms. So always try and avoid sleeveless.
I can get to shops tomorrow, and we have John Lewis and other main type shops.
Sort of want something a bit party/going out y. And flattering, natch.
Oh and I'm mid forties (weeps).
Soooooo lovely mners, what's the party dress that is flattering, has some sort of sleeve and can be bought on the high street. Pleeeasegrin

Dinkydoos Fri 18-Oct-13 09:06:06

Hooray for * remus* !!
I got the Florence dress!
peaches I got the medium and works fine for norks!
Thanks for the tip Remus, I wouldn't have tried that on but really does work especially if I suck my stomach in.
And pretty bargainous to boot!

Fantastic! I might just go and try it on myself at the weekend (or I might buy shorts instead, as still yearning for them)!

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