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My quest for quality clothing.... at high street prices? Should I just give up now?

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RainbowBob Mon 14-Oct-13 20:56:12

I have just bought yet another item from H&M which has, after two wears, come apart at the seams. And before you say "oh, poor woman must be deluding herself she is three dress sizes smaller than she actually is" - it's an oversized jumper and wasn't even vaguely tight... so it's just crap quality. End of.

I am fed up with buying large quantities of cheap, poor quality stuff. So ....where on earth do you buy good quality clothes at reasonable prices? I suppose what I am really looking for is good value....

On my wish list is a slouchy jumper/jumper dress (to replace tattered old H&M one), a coat and possibly a day dress. But just your general opinions on where to get some decent quality garments for under £100 (or even £50) would make me eternally grateful.

Gah81 Thu 20-Jul-17 20:26:27

Zombie??!! No ooo!

Gah81 Thu 20-Jul-17 20:25:47

Vintage and etsy. Clothes from 1930s to 19 60s were made to last. Stunning quality, can be horribly expensive but there are some real bargains out there.

Bejazzled Thu 20-Jul-17 20:16:43

Friggin ZOMBIE

MaQueen Thu 20-Jul-17 17:12:51

I bloody love TK Maxx so much...

This year I have bought 3 French Connection sweaters for only £16.99 each...RRP £69.99!

A gorgeous navy utility jacket from Sailors &Brides for only £24.99...RRP £165.00!

A pair of nude leather wedge espadrilles by Maypol for only £29.99...RRP £95.99.

A Tommy Hilfiger denim mini for £19.99...RRP £75.00

Pair of Levi 711 skinny jeans for £19.99...RRP £79.99

And lots more stuff.

Have also recently discovered an amazing charity shop in a local, very affluent market town - got a grey velvet, long winter coat by Nicole Fahri for £25!!! It was pristine! Also got some silk All Saints trousers for only £8.99, still with label attached.

Purchases like these makes handing over £25 - £75 for cheaply made polyester in a high street store utterly pointless.

KimchiLaLa Thu 20-Jul-17 16:19:34

I never ever shop there regularly but I bought two striped basic tops from cos a few years ago that I still have. They are amazing quality. I think they were £25 each.

Ditto two topshop t-shirts I must have had for years and years.

Lottie56 Thu 20-Jul-17 12:40:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

jj83 Tue 09-Sep-14 22:56:16

Absolutely right, if you have the skills to make your own, that would be a great way to go. I find these days that i just buy a few less items, but of better quality. I like Adini, I got this the other day and it is really nice quality. ooh, they have a sale on!
I have the same philosophy with clothes for the kiddies. I like to buy nice quality items e.g. Toby Tiger, Kite, Hooligans and Frugi. It is a bit more expensive, but at least it looks smart for a bit longer. I got a really nice hoody for my little chap the other day. He loves it! only problem is he is currently refusing to wear anything else!.

harbinger Wed 16-Oct-13 20:08:09

Ooh, thanks. Will have a look. smile

Sthingmustbescaringthemaway Wed 16-Oct-13 18:50:06


Aquelven Wed 16-Oct-13 18:45:58

Sthingmustbescaringthemaway Wed 16-Oct-13 18:27:05

harbinger You took the words right out of mouth.thlgrin

harbinger Wed 16-Oct-13 18:19:11

Aquelven I'd be very interested in a list of the mills that have factory shops (I only know the John Smedley at New Mills, Derbyshire).

Also, as I'm getting better at dressmaking, the fabric mill/sale. I would love to get my hands on some wool/tweed at a reasonable price grin

Fairyliz Wed 16-Oct-13 17:36:37

Ebay, I have just realised that 50% of my clothes are from there. You will be amazed at the number of people who buy things wear once and then sell.

Aquelven Wed 16-Oct-13 14:38:26

Woolovers what they tell you to in their catalogue. Find a favourite jumper you own & love the fit of, lay it on a flat surface & measure it with a tape measure across the back, just under the arm holes. For all their stock they give you this exact measurement, in inches, so you just need to buy the size that measures the same as your favourite. Fail safe grin

Another source of great stuff is factory outlets. Depending on where you live, I live in the north where there are amazing outlet shops attached to the actual mills that sell things they manufacture at a fraction of retail cost. I've bought cashmere jumpers for under £30, woollen jackets, raincoats, allsorts. Best buy ever was a pure cashmere, full length cashmere coat, with a silk lining that had "Harrods" embroidered repeatedly in the design of the lining. That was from a factory that produced garments for top department stores. Another near us sells, just twice a year, fabric by the yard that they make for the top designers, but if course you have to make the clothes yourself.

eurochick Wed 16-Oct-13 12:26:24

I have got some lovely things (including cashmere jumpers) from flashsale sites like Vente Privee.

I have recently rediscovered Benetton. I hadn't been in there is years but they had some lovely jumpers for good prices (they have a website if there isn't one near you - lots seem to have closed).

Sthingmustbescaringthemaway Wed 16-Oct-13 12:17:04


Happy to be of service. If you find anything nice on eBay do please say. I have kept a cowardly distance so far....

In the meantime you might have fun taking a look :



And here

Don't be alarmed! These are places where it really, truly is worth waiting for their pretty damned amazing sales. And, honestly, if you take to this way of life (...) you will never look at your high Street in the same way again. And you won't care what your friends, or school mums, or your colleagues are wearing - because you'll be in your own little wardrobe bubble. (It does help if you don't mind other people occasionally looking at you funny....)

Mynameismina Wed 16-Oct-13 11:42:51

What about This

easypeeler Wed 16-Oct-13 11:35:13

Edinburgh Woollen Mill is great for cashmere. They wash beautifully.

RainbowBob Wed 16-Oct-13 11:24:01

Also, forgot to say, I found a Uniqlo t-shirt in my wardrobe which I worked out I've had for five years....... I've been wearing it constantly for the last half decade and totally forgotten how old it was. It has outlived literally every other item of clothing I have ever owned. So might start going there again for my basics.

RainbowBob Wed 16-Oct-13 11:22:13

It is clear I have been living under a rock for the last five years.... or possibly even longer. Had no idea Woolovers, Brora or Outnet existed. And as for Edinburgh Woollen Mill, I thought it was all tartan blankets and shortbread.

As for Sthing you are my new style crush.... loving the sound of Scarecrow Chic. My farmer would, sadly, be more futile than fastidious.

What are Woolovers sizes like? I am tempted by their cashmere/merino long V jumper and wondered if I should size up to get a bit of 'slouchiness'?

Thank you for the suggestion of charity shops.... sadly, I am one of those people who not only lives in a crap area (under said rock) but also has no luck when it comes to bargain-finding. So even when I cross the border to the posh areas to have a charity shop rummage, I always seem to miss the treasures. On the plus side, I have seen a few things (top quality, designer) on eBay that might fit the bill so fingers crossed......

Bunbaker Wed 16-Oct-13 10:14:10

I wish we had a Uniqlo. I have ordered from them online but I prefer to see and feel clothes and try them on before I buy. I probably wouldn't have bought the Uniqlo tops I have if I had looked at them in a shop.

AmberNectarine Wed 16-Oct-13 09:50:34

I love Uniqlo. I'm sitting at my desk in a £19.99 men's XS crew neck merino sweater (they don't do proper crew necks for ladies, just stupid scoop neck imposters).

Agree also with TK Maxx, my lovely Calvin Klein wool/cashmere coat was less than £100, and my beautiful navy Vivienne Westwood skirt was sub £30!

If you're after designer jeans, do the Selfridges sale about 5-7 days after it starts. They will be £30-50 by then.

FreshLeticia Wed 16-Oct-13 07:28:14

Yay! Potty, I rate woolovers too. Wade past the granny styles and there is some fab knitwear in a huge range of colours. I have the merino wrap cardi in 5 colours now and they are machine-washable.
White stuff and wrap do interesting tunics/dresses and have decent sales.

FamiliesShareGerms Wed 16-Oct-13 06:59:34

I live in an affluent area but have yet to find a real bargain in a charity shop. I buy most of my stuff from TK Maxx (the trick is to go in often as they have a very high stock turnover; get something when you see it (it won't be there next time); have a mental list of things you are looking out for; don't always believe the size labels; don't be afraid to leave empty handed). They have much more in store than online, particularly the red sticker reductions.

Gap, Zara, Uniqlo do good basics. John Lewis does a "proper" sale (I hate those £10 off a £200 dress type reductions).

Bunbaker Wed 16-Oct-13 06:38:49

"Jasper Conran jeans that had never been worn (quality control sticker still in leg) for £2.50 was one of my best. Or the Jaeger skirt for £4 was quite nice."

It depends on where you live. We have loads of charity shops in our nearest town, and I go in them regularly. It isn't an affluent area so there are never designer bargains in these shops. You are lucky if you find something from Next.

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