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Actual Fox shaped scarf from M&S... brace yourself...

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madammecholet Sat 12-Oct-13 17:05:45

this is possibly the funniest fashion item from M&S thing I have EVER seen..

FOX scarf

PervCat Sat 12-Oct-13 17:20:50

we also have Victorian mourning jewleery made out of hair

LittleMissWise Sat 12-Oct-13 17:24:04

It looks like road kill!

I can just see the queues in M&S on Boxing Day taking that fecker back!

carrielou2007 Sat 12-Oct-13 17:26:26

Oh my goodness I was expecting some sort if knitted horror but us laughed so much poor wee Hamish stopped feeding to look at me as if to say do you mind-- i'm-- eating very Prinark-esque!!

tethersend Sat 12-Oct-13 17:27:01

Is that postmodernism?

ArbitraryUsername Sat 12-Oct-13 17:27:17

It looks like what you'd be left with after someone lost their soft toy on the motorway. Road kill would be less awful.

Labootin Sat 12-Oct-13 17:33:57


BOF Sat 12-Oct-13 17:37:26

You couldn't even wear it ironically, could you? It would just look like you had taken the stuffing out of your kid's toy.

tracypenisbeaker Sat 12-Oct-13 17:41:50

I'd buy it and put googly eyes on it as they seem to have been gouged out. Great talking point

UriGHOULer Sat 12-Oct-13 17:55:00

I thought you meant a knitted one!

like this.

Big want

ArbitraryUsername Sat 12-Oct-13 17:56:47

It is, however, ideal if you ever fancy adding cruelly de vil to the dressing up box. I suppose.

elfycat Sat 12-Oct-13 17:59:56

And why is this in Style and Beauty? Contradiction much?

SundaySimmons Sat 12-Oct-13 18:13:39

My dear friend who knows my hatred of real fur, once bought (as a joke) a fox collar that had the head, all four legs dangling and it's tail and the body of the fox had been fashioned to be much smaller so that it was just a thick collar with the head, limbs and tail dangling at the front. It looked like it was a hundred years old!

She had it on when she came to pick me up one day and she said the look on my face when I clocked it around her neck was priceless!

The m&s thing is neither whimsical or edgy. It's just naff.

If I see anyone wearing it, I am going to scream and point at them just like Donald Sutherland in invasion of the body snatchers!

LividofLondon Sat 12-Oct-13 18:27:23

I found one of those in the lane outside my house the other day...looks chic but starting to humm a bit now wink

madammecholet Sat 12-Oct-13 18:30:38

sunday lol.. I just don't know why anyone would buy it, don't get it, so if u see someone with it just ask 'why why why?'

Wolfcub Sat 12-Oct-13 18:32:16

omfg it looks like someone skinned Spit the dog

Gemd81 Sat 12-Oct-13 18:42:07

Basil brush - boom boom shock

SundaySimmons Sat 12-Oct-13 18:53:48

I was going to write to the board of directors of M&S to ask what were they thinking when they decided to sell the not so fantastic Mr Fox.

Then I decided that most of them look like the sort of people who would actually wear it or their wives would.

SundaySimmons Sat 12-Oct-13 18:56:26

Ha ha I have a facebook account for competitions and freebies and just gave mr fox a facebook like. I'm the only one so far!

Go on, give him a like!

thelittlemothersucker Sat 12-Oct-13 19:01:35

changefor ... you went to the same Mass as me I reckon.

ThePortlyPinUp Sat 12-Oct-13 19:05:41

I quite like it blush

SundaySimmons Sat 12-Oct-13 19:09:34

TheportlyPinUp - step away from the wine!

Marylou2 Sat 12-Oct-13 19:11:19

If Dodge and Hacker are missing from CBBC on Monday at least we know what happened to them grin

trixymalixy Sat 12-Oct-13 19:23:50

OMG it is so shit!

When I clicked on this I thought it was going to be a knock off of the Donna Wilson one that I covet and I got excited, but no.

notnowImreading Sat 12-Oct-13 19:25:05

VivaLeThrustBadger Sat 12-Oct-13 19:25:43

Uri, loads on Etsy. foxy

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