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Hair extensions

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bennyclinton Sat 12-Oct-13 06:16:25

I faced the same problem as yours. I am using the hair extensions since a year. They are safe and easy to maintain. You can choose between the extensions as they are available in many colors any all types. For details would like you to check this out

DetoxLady Fri 11-Oct-13 13:57:25

Hi why not try something temporary like Clip Ins to get the feel of having Extensions once their in you can then go for something permanent like Micro Rings (Individual Strands) No Heat so no damage. I've dealt with Extensions for over 20 can order your clip ins here Roma 07729 667402

Mosman Fri 11-Oct-13 07:54:55

I have had micro bead Extentions for two weeks now and they looked lovely for one day when my hairdresser - not the person who put them in - styled and shaped them and then ghd curled them. I have them tided back like a fox tail most of the time but I don't mind too much as they looked amazing for the day I needed them too if that makes sense £300 for one date though, lots of money.

PlatinumStart Fri 11-Oct-13 05:40:06

Can they ever look lovely on a non celeb who doesn't have an army of hairdressers available every waking hour?

I am fed up with my baby fine hair that will not grow past my shoulders and I'm sorely tempted by extensions but don't know whether I'll end up looking ridiculous.

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