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House of Colour - is it worth it?

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TravelinColour Fri 11-Oct-13 22:25:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hopasholic Fri 11-Oct-13 22:18:24

Hopefully you've had a busy Friday grin

Yes it's worth it OP. you can't diagnose over tinternet, my day lasted fom 9am until 4pm & was well worth the £99.

Once you've had them done & begin to purchase from your pallet you will always have something to go with it.

jennimoo Fri 11-Oct-13 19:43:28

DH said I can do it for my birthday present. The consultants near here are both happy to do 1-2-1s and for me to bring my baby!

Dancergirl Thu 10-Oct-13 23:34:29

That's ok jenni smile

I fancy doing it now!

jennimoo Thu 10-Oct-13 20:26:10

Thanks for the info and sorry for hijacking dancergirl! I've emailed my two local consultants to see what they say.

Hopefully Thu 10-Oct-13 20:16:30

Hard to say - some do, some don't. I do, because I have childcare costs I have to cover so if I only have one client in it needs to be worth me working, iykwim. Not all consultants do (at a wild guess I'd say it's maybe a 50/50 split).

jennimoo Thu 10-Oct-13 19:26:12

Do you charge a lot more for 1-2-1?

Hopefully Thu 10-Oct-13 19:22:55

Yes jennimoo. Most consultants go from about 9:30-2:30 in a group of 2-4 people. Some are a bit quicker, but should be able to tell you when you book. I've had some clients book a one to one session and bring a baby. Including one woman with a three week old shock. I was so impressed that she was even dressed.

jennimoo Thu 10-Oct-13 19:13:38

I quite fancy doing this for my birthday but have a newborn sad
Am I right it's like a class with lots of people there, and lasts about half a day?

Aquelven Thu 10-Oct-13 17:22:26

Yes, it is worth it.
I'd completely wrongly diagnosed my season using the online sites. Seeing it all happen in front of the mirror, & watching others coming to life in the right drapes, was a revelation. I've saved money since by not buying things I'd have jumped on before, & got far more compliments by wearing the things I do have.

Kettlewell is just an online shop that gets recommended by the consultants as it grades all it's colours according to season.

Dancergirl Thu 10-Oct-13 16:20:58

Thanks...and what's Kettlewell, is that something else?

HoleyCow Thu 10-Oct-13 15:48:42

Yes - it has saved me a fortune! Someone will come along in a minute to tell you it's as easy as seeing what suits you - it's not, well not for me anyway. I just can't see colour confidently but I can see now that black was making me look tired and old. I am buying fewer clothes but wearing them all hence the saving. Wish I'd done it years ago.

BucketArse Thu 10-Oct-13 15:34:31

Yes, it's worth it. Had my colours done last year and the personal style day earlier this year.

Has completely transformed my approach to shopping and dressing and I have had a tonne of compliments.

I look and feel younger and more confident and everything in my wardrobe suits me and goes together.

Do it!

Dancergirl Thu 10-Oct-13 14:54:01

I keep reading on here about House of Colour and just wondering is the colour analysis thing they do worth it?

I have no idea what colours suit me, I just buy colours I like.

What about their other services, personal style etc?

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