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Brrrr, too cold, what you go on?

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nilbyname Thu 10-Oct-13 13:59:43

Today was working in the am and had a meeting with SLT in a school.

I wore,
claret textured tights, Plumo
Black jersey basics dress- H&M I rather live in these
Worn under, cashmere vest- Brora
Navy slouchy blazer- Zara
Black suede boots- Clarks originals
Huge Cashmere scarf wrapped around my neck.

Hair is in a bun, and I have a longish Claudia Winkleman style fringe, and today I have muted orange/peach nail polish on from Top Shop.

I felt quite nice, and I like the cold. What have you got on?

duckyfuzz Thu 10-Oct-13 20:01:25

Black Banana Republic trousers
Bright orange uniqlo merino v neck with muji cami
nine west shoe boots (with a much higher heel than I usually wear!)
Lovely red wool coat from jigsaw

despite the howling gales on the north east coast I have been snug as a bug

MorrisZapp Thu 10-Oct-13 20:01:29

Monki high waist jeans (from chazzer)

Grey and black stripy cashmere poloneck jumper by Nicole Farhi (via ebay)

Gstar Brown leather riding boots

Beigey cotton beanie hat from John Lewis

Hooded jacket from American Eagle.

Nice, but not quite warm enough! In pyjamas now.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 10-Oct-13 20:28:10

I broke out the Uniqlo heat tech today with a burgundy long sleeved top, with a grey t shirt over the top, black denim mini and opaques.

Nilbyname I too want to know more about the H&M dress, how's the sizing/quality/length?

Ujjayi Thu 10-Oct-13 22:54:29

[[ similar look to this ]].

Burgundy long sleeve jersey dress with twisted skirt section (Saint Tropez)
Black merino crew neck jumper with sleeves pushed up to show dress sleeves (Uniqlo)
Alphabet Fishnets (House of Holland via TKMaxx)
Black biker boots (Faith)
Rimmel Block Your Green nail polish

nilbyname Thu 10-Oct-13 22:55:18

remus the quality is ok! the jersey is quite thick! thicker than a t-shirt and had a lot of give in it. I size up so it's not too body con and with a jacket/blazer it looks great! I'm 5'3 and sits just above the knee.

nilbyname Thu 10-Oct-13 22:56:18

Sorry, I went a bit crazy with the exclamations there.

CointreauVersial Thu 10-Oct-13 23:32:58

At work I was wearing:

Pale pink angora-mix jumper, Gok at Sainsburys
Wide leg trousers, Laura Ashley
Shoe boots, Clarks

The jumper is a gorgeous shape, but has little diamantes around each cuff, and loads of them fell off. It's the first time I'd worn the jumper. angry Good thing I'm handy with a needle and thread.

It's not that cold today.....this is just the beginning. I haven't had my gloves on yet.

Chottie Fri 11-Oct-13 02:33:43

Navy dress from Phase 8 with pinkish bird pattern on it
Boden pink cardigan
grey tights
Black patent heeled Mary Jane style shoes

Thanks, Nilby. Will check them out - I need something that isn't black in my wardrobe!

Skinheadmermaid Fri 11-Oct-13 17:05:46

i'm feel fat and out of shape at the moment, been eating too much and not exercising due to stress.
Wearing a blue/green/black checked shirt underneath a Navy sweatshirt with a fox on it, skinny jeans and burgundy DMs. I would like to say i look androgynous geek chic with a hint of grunge but i think i just look like shit really.

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