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How soon after Colour B4 can I....

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HaveAGoodDay Thu 10-Oct-13 09:56:46

Use a permanent colour?

If I remember correctly from the instructions leaflet I think it said around two - four weeks?

I'm really fed up with my hair at the moment! I used colour B4 last week, which removed the dyed med brown colour to a light coppery gingery colour - I want to return to my natural colour which is auburn so I'm after a nice rich auburn colour. However, over the last week, my hair has almost darkened to the med brown it was before! I haven't put anymore colours on it. I'm gutted its done this! I can't justify spending another ten pounds and doing another Colour B4 application. My hubby would string me up anyway.

So back to where I started with med- dark lengths and lighter auburn roots. I can use either:

www.superdrug.com/feria/loreal-feria-74-mango-intense-copper/invt/236897&bklist=. Used this last year, nice colour.




Obviously I won't colour the root area or I would end up with neon roots! Which one is likey to give me the desired results? remember its more of an intense auburn colour i want, rather than a red. Should I wait a few more weeks incase my hair turns really dark after using CB4?

HaveAGoodDay Thu 10-Oct-13 13:18:52

I have come across this semi-permanent colour, I know it won't go as vivid as the colour on the front of the box, which doesn't matter as I don't want it as bright as that, but this may be a safer bet with only being a semi?



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