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A dress to wear to court

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ProtectiveMother Thu 10-Oct-13 07:41:10

A long sleeved, knee length dress please ladies to go with navy low heeled court shoes. I am quite tall so if you know of specific tall brands, even better!

Not too expensive. I'd like to spend £50 or under. Floral pattern ok or... plain... what colours look good with navy shoes?

I don't think it should be too fashionable as I need to look responsible iyswim. It's a family court case and I am the person who is telling the truth so it should look honourable and smart. Not too mumsy though as I hate that look and want to wear it again.

A shirt dress possibly?

Thanks!!!!!! I want to feel comfortable and look my best as my future is going to be decided for me :-(

No they are not!

The system is not sexist either.

And what you should be focussing on is rights of THE CHILD!Too many parents forget that,all they think about is themselves when they want to avoid contact etc.Like it or not,parents have rights but,most importantly,kids have a right to have a family and see that family.

ProtectiveMother Sat 19-Oct-13 20:23:50

You will note that I was talking precisely about the children's best interests trip trap.

ProtectiveMother Sat 19-Oct-13 20:24:57

Also Triptrap you don't know any of the facts of my case!!!

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