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do your boobs pass the "pencil test"?

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ThatVikRinA22 Thu 10-Oct-13 01:47:18

there is a no bra wearing day coming up for breast cancer at work that day and would have someones eye out if id didnt wear a bra!

i never understood the pencil test thing. i thought id failed because i couldnt hold a pencil - but it seems that i got it the wrong way around.
im a 34 D. it just so happens that mine point forward instead of down - so pencil test is a no no for me - i cant hold them.

is this a good thing? my boobs apparently still point forwards instead of going narly 42 so am sort of counting this as a good thing! im about to have surgery on my stomach so i am guessing i will lose some weight and my boobs are always the first to go....

COCKadoodledooo Thu 10-Oct-13 18:17:18

I can hold a rolling pin under mine blush

pocketandsweet Thu 10-Oct-13 18:20:11

I am also only ever calling them my Niels from now on!

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