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Why are hairdressers so against home dyes ?

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cannotfuckingbelievethis Wed 09-Oct-13 20:59:49

I've had pretty good experience with dyes I've bought from Boots and Superdrug when I was blonde although it's proving more difficult to go red with a box dye. I've spoke to a few hairdressers and they've all kind of rolled their eyes and tutted when I've mentioned that I've used L'Oreal feria or Nice n Easy. Is it just because I'm doing then out of £40 by not getting it done in the salon ? What is the big difference between the home dyes and the salon ones....Anyone know ?

PartyFops Wed 09-Oct-13 21:02:50

probably the money, I used to get mine done professionally, but I found it faded too quickly, I now colour my own and I find it doesn't fade so quickly.

BeckyBrandon Wed 09-Oct-13 21:07:56

I'm a hairdresser, and the only reason I'd roll my eyes is when someone literally doesn't know what they're doing with hair colours. You'd be surprised at the stupid things people do.

I use L'oreal hair colours, the professional ones. And you tailor them to what you're doing. So you'd use a base colour and then add a tone. When you buy a box dye, it's already all mixed up, so may not be exactly what you want etc.

But saying that, box colours have come so far, some of them are really lovely.

I think the problems come mainly from people going light to dark, dark to light, getting the exact shade they're after etc.

RevoltingPeasant Thu 10-Oct-13 09:10:43

OP a hairdresser once told me that many box dyes have peroxide in, even the non-blondes, because they have to get every user's hair to some approximation of the shade on the packet or they risk being sued. No idea if that is true or not.

however I started using Garnier Olia last year which has no bleach, supposedly, and I do find my hair is a lot better since!

I'm afraid I gave up dying my hair professionally when we started saving for a mortgage; getting it done in the salon would take my 6-weekly cut from £35 to £75, and given that I already also buy my shampoo and mousse there and get my eyebrows done, I think that's enough to spend at the hairdresser's!!

PartyFops Thu 10-Oct-13 09:12:43

Good to know about the Garnier Olia, I have just bought that one to do mine this weekend.

cannotfuckingbelievethis Fri 11-Oct-13 16:53:34

Revolting what shade in the Olia do you use ? I've heard pretty mixed reviews on this hair dye.

Popped into Salon Services today to have a chat about what shade I should be looking for as in the long run I think it's cheaper that way...

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