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what season do you think I fall into?

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Twit Wed 09-Oct-13 14:47:47

I know I should have a proper consultation, but I cannot afford one at the moment. I need a couple of new tops and would like to have an idea of the general direction I should be taking. Plus I'm interested to find out.
My 'problem' is I seem to be a mix of all the seasons in one way or another, I have tried quite a lot of the online 'tests' and think I have narrowed it down when I discover that actually, no, I am not that season etc.
So I thought I would turn to you to see if anyone has any ideas.
Here goes:
I am a mix of Catherine Tate and Liv Tyler. I have CT's skin with LT's hair and eyebrows. In the summer my hair goes a little redder and in the winter is almost black.
My skin is more like LT's in the winter too.
My eyes are a dark, clear grey blue colour, with gold around the pupils, which can make them look grey green blue at times. Possibly more so in the summer.
Colours that suit me with my hair off my face are grey blues, mid - dark grey and white.
Colours that suit me with my hair on my face are the above as well as soft (faded) black (as opposed to dark grey confused), burnt orange and dark grey-purple (more-so in the winter), and in the summer a dark greyish khaki.
I guess I've partly answered my question about what colours to look out for grin but I'd like to know where I fit in, if anywhere. Maybe I might find a completely new colour to try.
Thanks for reading this far. cake Any help would be really appreciated.

ZippityDoodahday Wed 09-Oct-13 14:55:39

Winter? I'm sure someone else with more knowledge will come along soon! Not much help, sorry.

SteppedOnaFrog Thu 10-Oct-13 01:36:51

Soft summer deep?

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 06:44:15

grin see what I mean?

mypavlova Thu 10-Oct-13 10:32:48

catherine tate is definitely autumn while liv is definitely winter. the attributes those 2 seasons share is deepness/intensity. if you like khaki and burnt orange then you must be some variety of autumn, not a winter. I like the eye pupil test as a guide to warm or cool - the gold in your pupils hints toward a warm season.

My guess would be either a soft autumn or a deep autumn. I don't know the way different brands describe it, but soft autumn blends with summer and deep autumn blends more with winter.

caution - i am a complete amateur wink

angelinajelly Thu 10-Oct-13 10:41:55

Sounds to me as though you're either soft or deep, and either summer or autumn. Definitely not spring, and I think it sounds as though your colouring is too soft to be winter. I'm going to go and do some research, I love this kind of thing!

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 11:35:21

I think I like the contrast of the burnt orange with the grey/blue/purples though, if I'm honest. Bluesy grey and mid - dark greys definitely suit me the most. I've looked at soft summer, and some of that seems 'right'. Then I look at soft autumn and some of that seems 'right'.
I can't do brights or pastels at all, nor beige and cream.
Thinking about it, my penchant for mixing blue/grey and a smidge of orange sort of reflects my eyes. Bizarre.

angelinajelly Thu 10-Oct-13 11:41:58

Both soft summer and soft autumn are more neutral, rather than strongly warm or cool, so it makes sense if you are one of those and can wear both orange and grey. I'm a soft summer, and although orange doesn't work for me, I also avoid the coolest colours in the summer palette- shades like periwinkle or cobalty blues look awful on me as well. And I find like you that pale pastels and nude colours are terrible. I'd pick and mix from the deeper ends of the two soft palettes if I were you, if those look good on you. Not everyone is going to fit nearly into a single one.

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 12:05:35

Yes, neutral might be accurate, my blue grey eyes, grey greys and dark brown hair are cool whereas the gold in my eyes, the golden freckles and red tint in my brown hair (especially in the summer) are warm. But then in the winter, with a lack of red hair and freckles I become cooler.

angelinajelly Thu 10-Oct-13 12:20:26

I have red tints in my brown hair, and I've heard loads of other summers say they have as well. I think it's something the online tests always completely miss. Have you done the silver/gold thing? Which suits you better?

mypavlova Thu 10-Oct-13 12:26:12

sorry I meant iris test above, not pupil test. silly of me.

TravelinColour Thu 10-Oct-13 12:26:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mypavlova Thu 10-Oct-13 12:34:51

you know it is a funny thing but broadly speaking my sister and I both have grey/blue eyes and brown hair like you, but she is a spring and me a winter. for a while I thought I was a summer but I was off as soft colours don't suit me.
However, deep soft colours do sound like they suit you. I know several soft summers and soft autumns and they are fairly chameleon-like between the seasons as long as they stick to the soft palettes.
And what do you think of cool deep purple?
The most chameleon-like of my 'soft' friends actually has her eyes change subtly depending on whether the colour near her face is cool or warm. The warm flecks come out with warm colours and absolutely disappear with cool colours.

angelinajelly Thu 10-Oct-13 12:34:57

You can be moving towards a second season though, can't you? As the spectrum is basically a continuum/wheel type thing.

TravelinColour Thu 10-Oct-13 12:38:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 12:55:26

mypavlova yes, my eyes can seem golder at times, and even greener sometimes, especially in the summer when I have a faint golden tan. In the winter they look greyer than they do blue, especially on snowy days where they are grey not blue.
Until I get this tiny tan ( i am very pale) my golden freckles always look 'off' if that makes sense or helps?
I have what I describe as a grey/purple top, it's quite dark but faded... It looks better in the winter but I like wearing it all year round. Definitely muted purple.
Today I am wearing a mid grey top over a sripey purple and slightly lighter grey top with an almost black but dark grey cardigan and I feel good in it. Especially with my favourite scarf which is blues and a sliver off gold in it.
Jewellery wise I prefer silver, but think that white gold suits me better. Faded gold is ok too. confused.
Thank you all, I know the only way to be sure is to be done, maybe one da I'll be able to.
I find it fascinating though. Please do carry on grin

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 12:58:12

Er, golder? blush ( pink cheeks)

TravelinColour Thu 10-Oct-13 14:09:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twit Thu 10-Oct-13 15:20:29

Ok. So <deep breathe> I think soft summer (deep).
How a bout this as an outfit (although I'd rather ankle boots). As an idea?

Ignore the sizes I just want a vague idea. Also is midnight blue ok or too dark?

angelinajelly Fri 11-Oct-13 08:08:46

That link doesn't work, Twit- it goes to a login page.

closetcat Fri 11-Oct-13 08:32:27

Twit I feel just the same as you. I have had two colour consultations over the years - one says I'm a clear Winter one says I'm a deep Autumn so I'm totally frustrated.

I have the darkest dark brown eyes, naturally dark hair that is more golden these days and a few freckles. I used to have olive skin and tan easily but age (50) has lifted my skin tone to be more pale. My hair and skin have lightened but my eyes are still very dark.

Baffling isn't it?

Twit Fri 11-Oct-13 09:49:07

Argh sorry. I've lost them all now blush
I'm looking at the kettlewell site for ideas about colour. I'll try to explain what I'm wearing using the summer page of colours although its probably not exact. Here ->.
Jeans, marine blue
Long top underneath, ganzi purple
Shorter top on top, dark grey marl
Cardigan, charcoal
Aged black converse.
And, when I went out my favourite scarf which is thus;
It is striped, but in a 'random' way, some thick some thin.
Main colour, charcoal
Then dove grey but with charcoal woven through it
Deep kingfisher
With tiny stripes of a orangey gold metallic thread very so often. I almost want to say a metallic version of mushroom until the light hits it.
I love it. I wear it all the time. I saw it in a charity shop and it called out to me grin. I wear it with dark orange, dusky grey faded purple, grey, blue, dusky grey khaki. EVERYTHING. This must mean something.

Twit Fri 11-Oct-13 09:50:25

It is frustrating isn't it? <stamps feet>

angelinajelly Fri 11-Oct-13 12:51:20

That sounds really nice, Twit.

<idly wondering why the hell they called it ganzi purple>

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