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The Crepe Papers

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motherinferior Sat 05-Oct-13 18:40:14

Did it!

bigTillyMint Sat 05-Oct-13 18:46:22

Spotted ya!

alto1 Sat 05-Oct-13 18:47:17

Well done MI. Good title.

These threads usually get to about 300 posts before I even find them grin

Cremolafoam Sat 05-Oct-13 18:49:24

Bingo! Good show mi

Blackduck Sat 05-Oct-13 20:19:25

Hi all..... smile
Sil had long chat with mum - she is just fed up with being prodded and poked. Sil pointed out it is, well, necessary... At least for a while. Think she will be fine.

QueenQueenie Sat 05-Oct-13 21:38:17

Nice one MI!

Stropperella Sat 05-Oct-13 22:01:00

Evening all. Have had wine and am watching The Mayor of Casterbridge and am being repeatedly told off for shouting "and then they all died" in a Dorset accent. N.b. I live in the real life Casterbridge and have read more Thomas Hardy than is strictly necessary.

beachyhead Sat 05-Oct-13 22:41:36

Just got back from Sandi Tosvig.....very very funny. A very uplifting evening from a fellow honorary Crepey....

Good new thread name - seems about two minutes ago we were checking into Crepey Towers for the Autumn Term.

I am contemplating making crab apple jelly tomorrow, but I spent all day in the kitchen today, so not looking forward to it...

CointreauVersial Sat 05-Oct-13 22:53:41

Oooh, new thread excitement!

Beachy - I love Sandi Toksvig. Bet that was entertaining.

I also love Clarks ( and I am big on bunions).

Went shopping today, and DD1 volunteered to come along, despite my warnings that I had "lots to do". Well, the lightweight was dragging me to Costa for a sit-down after an hour, and moped and moaned around John Lewis as I searched (fruitlessly) for something to wear at next week's wedding (it's evening only, second marriage of lovely cousin, so I don't know whether to go dressy, or clubby, or what).

Got home to find DH had kindly cooked dinner. Mexican tacos. Except that he couldn't find any lettuce so served it with shredded cabbage hmm , and mistook a tub of red pesto for salsa hmm hmm, and he burned the tacos in the oven. Ah well, it's the thought that counts. grin

beachyhead Sat 05-Oct-13 23:08:18

Oh CV, I knew I didn't spell her name right, but I couldn't be as***d to google!

She is indeed fab and we were the first date in her tour so I would urge you to look up the dates! We were in about the lowest 10% of the age group in the audience... But I guess that's the demographic I live in.blush

CointreauVersial Sat 05-Oct-13 23:14:24

We have tickets for Sarah Millican next month, which I'm looking forward to.

Blackduck Sun 06-Oct-13 08:08:04

Ds had a friend over so we walked over hill to go swimming - ds had lost his googles and friend had forgotten trunks! Cue expensive swim! (I could have asked dp to drop off another pair but clearly brain not functioning!) Then lunch where they regaled the entire cafe with Horrid Deaths (sort of stupid deaths -HH - but without the funny bits) -I did try to point out people were eating......
But the pair of them are scary with the amount of knowledge they have....

In a very crepey moment I was in bed and asleep by 9.00 last night.....

hattymattie Sun 06-Oct-13 08:19:46

Hello - hadn't even noticed that we were nearly at the end of the thread.

I'm going to try and relax this Sunday - I'm going to walk into town, buy a newspaper and then DH says he's going to make a raclette for lunch (first of the season).

BD - I spend my life trying to coordingate trunks, goggles and swimming hat.

Have burnt all the woodpile where the rats are supposedly hiding out - not seen one anywhere. Don't know where the little blighters are hiding. hmm

lalsy Sun 06-Oct-13 09:38:58

My grandfather only read one book in his life, and it was the Mayor of Casterbridge. He thought it so wonderful, especially the wife selling, that there was no need to go further down the literature road. Good thing they raised the school leaving age, I reckon.

I like Sandi Toksvig and I like her fleeces.

Great thread title smile

motherinferior Sun 06-Oct-13 13:12:32

I think that I am losing weight on account of the exercise. Having finally managed to produce a period may have helped too grin.

CointreauVersial Sun 06-Oct-13 14:56:52

Herbs - we were discussing Wills, or lack of, recently, and I happened to notice an article in today's Sunday Times. There is a scheme taking place during November here where certain solicitors will write you and partner a will in return for a charity donation. No excuse.... <stern look>

bigTillyMint Sun 06-Oct-13 16:09:24

CV, I just read that article and emailed the local solicitors involved in that schemegrin
The article worried me a bit - I had thought that the estate would automatically pass to the spouse, but it appears only a portion of it does, the rest going to the children. (As DD told me she is planning to move out at 16confused, I thought we'd better sort ourselves out!)

wilbur Sun 06-Oct-13 19:00:30

We need to do new Wills as current ones are missing both dd and ds2. Have had head in sand about it as I don't know who to appoint as guardian for kids. My family is teeny and very complicated, and there is no one obvious in dh's family either as they either live a long way away or have such busy lives with their own kids that offering them 3 more seems a bit much. Still, must be done, and charity scheme sounds good. Will focus.

Just on our way back from lovely weekend in Cotswolds, weather was glorious, ate outside both days. Just wish we werent now facing a ridiculously busy week

bigTillyMint Sun 06-Oct-13 19:19:54

Wilbur, that was exactly our dilemma. Now they are older, we still have no idea confused

Glad you had a lovely weekendsmile

lalsy Sun 06-Oct-13 19:29:34

I don't know if this helps but we told our guardian she did not necessarily have to bring dc up herself in the sense of living with them - but it was her job to find the best possible solution for them, given the circumstances at the time. We couldn't think of anyone who would definitely be able and willing to give them a home at any point over an 18 year period. Solicitor seemed to think this was normal as I remember.

bigTillyMint Sun 06-Oct-13 19:41:51

Oh, that's helpful, lalsy.

motherinferior Sun 06-Oct-13 19:58:00

We thought about stuff like continuity in their lives too; I am sure my sister would do a great job but she and her family live several hundred miles away. We asked friends who are a bit older than us and don't have children. However, I'm aware that we are lucky to have this kind of quasi-family relationship - in the past couple of years they've become separately important to the Inferiorettes, who go round there on a Thursday when I singsmile

Blackduck Sun 06-Oct-13 20:19:03

It's a toughie isn't it? Dp and I are named as guardians for bils dcs but this was done yonks ago before we had ds (I think they thought we had no children = money and thus were a better bet than dp's sister), I keep wanting to tell them to change their will - I don't want the responsibility!! As for ds I guess my brother or dp's sister....

Must sort the will thing, partic as dp has no PR either! Could be tricky.

I am knackered again tonight and can't even blame overindulgence as I have had nothing to drink since a lone pint on Friday night.

CointreauVersial Mon 07-Oct-13 00:19:43

Tut tut, I mentioned Herbs because she was the one I remembered saying she didn't have a will, but now you're all coming out of the woodwork. <several more stern looks>

motherinferior Mon 07-Oct-13 08:25:40

I have a will [insufferably smug emoticon]

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