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MNV volume 23

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Drywhiteplease Wed 02-Oct-13 21:21:30

Continuing from [[ here]for positive, friendly, fashion talk and other subjects too. High end to low end....come and join us

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 20:14:10

Lovely colour

OneLittleLady Thu 17-Oct-13 20:11:09

You might not be allowed it shop but I am wink might just put those on the wish list for DP to look over, he has already said he's struggling to think of gift ideas so I'm sure he'll appreciate the helping hand

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 20:10:16

A skort for foxy


LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 20:08:26

zara dress

So pretty for a winter wedding or Christmas party

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 20:07:40

We'll probably be decorating and running Linus but there are fitted wardrobes which will be white......

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 20:03:36

I like that wallpaper shop especially if you are combining it with some minimalist Scandinavian style. Maybe some whitewashed furniture or floorboards?

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 19:59:07

I'm not allowed black One it's the law! smile

OneLittleLady Thu 17-Oct-13 19:57:52

shop nice though I prefer them in black

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 19:52:03

nice or nasty?

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 19:50:16

who wanted grey boots?

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 19:46:54

Aaaarrrgggh decorator has called and is coming on Monday to do our spare room. Not show how we'll work viewings around that, assuming we get any! Anyway, I LOVE this wallpaper. We have a lot of family love for Lily of the Valley. Just wondered what you all thought. Just on one wall, and will pick up the background colour on other walls......
Anni I'm looking at you..... smile

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 19:34:53


For sleep and her toned arms?

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 19:19:30

A bag for amber?


OneLittleLady Thu 17-Oct-13 19:18:27

linus they are fabulous not for me though, I'd break my leg falling over within five minutes of putting them on grin

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 19:14:44

More shoe porn:


I saw them IRL this week and they are stunning. Maybe something for novice and her DH

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 18:52:08

dry is this a dress for you to wear to work?

I absolutely love it, especially the collar, but unfortunately I would look about 7 months pregnant in that dress.

I am considering some other Boden dresses but I am first waiting to receive my Hush dress to see if that is any good.

RubyLovesShopping Thu 17-Oct-13 18:40:38

Dry am still laughing at my idiot moment if last night. I really should not be let loose on a forum.
Coat coming tomorrow, hopefully not whilst out doing SR as will miss it. I promise to take pics for honest opinions.
Economy Gastronomy has some good money saving tips in for meals and a fabulous photo of a tiered cheese wedding cake.

Annianni Thu 17-Oct-13 18:33:47

Ooh exciting!!! grin

Annianni Thu 17-Oct-13 18:33:10

Thanks Linus, that'd be lovely... I'm in the bath at the moment.

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 18:30:30

Pic up for you Anni you know where

Annianni Thu 17-Oct-13 18:30:28

Oh pretty please Shop grin

A newly in love photo would be lovely though.

Just remembered that dh still hasn't got my photos out of the attic.

LinusDKD Thu 17-Oct-13 18:29:53

wine for anni

shop I am not a parka girl (doesn't suit my body type) but I do like that one and can see you looking good in it.

marsha unfortunately I don't have thick hair. On the contrary, my hair is veyy fine and has a natural wave/curl. I have quite a lot of hair but the hair at my temples especially is superfine baby hair that never grows and frizzes up at the merest hint of humidity.

I have just taken off all my make-up and put on my moisturiser (a sample of Chanel La Nuit) as Caroline Hirons recommended on her blog to start your evening skincare routine the moment you get home to get the most of your skincare.

As I am a SAHM I figured I could start once DC are in bed and whilst it is a bit weird not having any make-up on it does feel nice to have a clean and moisturised face.

Annianni Thu 17-Oct-13 18:27:39

dsd (16) is doing work experience (for college) at Ds1's primary school in a couple of weeks.
What sort of thing should she wear?

I've already banned the short shorts.
I've said leggings are probably too revealing.
She's 5ft 5, size 6/8 with boobs envy

Would coloured jeans be ok with a loose tee?

shopafrolic Thu 17-Oct-13 18:23:33

I cut it all off when I was about 17. I grew it a bit when I met DH - can post one of those, but when I was a teen it was down towards my bum....... No pics that I care to share grin

mignonette Thu 17-Oct-13 18:23:10

Quick news flash - Kate Moss is joining British Vogue as a Contributing Fashion Editor and her first story will be a Spring one.

A match made in heaven that one.

Foxy I saw your post and would advise you to go back to the GP. Those drugs are not ideal and if they are not working, time for a new consult. Sorry to read of your misery. It sounds awful. flowers.

Love to you all and I'm back on Saturday.

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