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MNV volume 23

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Drywhiteplease Wed 02-Oct-13 21:21:30

Continuing from [[ here]for positive, friendly, fashion talk and other subjects too. High end to low end....come and join us

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 16:56:51

Just seen your pm Umlauf, will sort it out later.

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 16:58:30

Love your purchases Blonde.

Gorgeous coat Decam.

santamarianovella Thu 03-Oct-13 18:14:49

happy birthday princessC

linus enjoy rome and im super envy

blond great shopping,

decam thats a gorgeous gorgeous coat! tough call!

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Oct-13 19:52:28

Happy birthday QueenC dd.

Decam love the coat.

Linus you lucky thing!

Today felt so warm here, I wore the wrong thing and got too hot.

QueenCadbury Thu 03-Oct-13 21:32:55

Evening. Thanks for all the birthday wishes for dd. She's had a lovely day ending in us going out for tea (I'm in the blotus position!). Just got to survive the sleep over tomorrow....

shopafrolic Fri 04-Oct-13 08:05:30

Head hurts. Went out for dinner last night with old work colleagues and DH. Lots of wine as one of them is leaving for NZ. Wore one of my A&W silk shirts, navy chinos, nude Floretes and the Chloe peacoat.
Enjoy Rome Linus one day I will get there.....

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 09:23:31

Morning all! (That was a whisper for you Shopwink).

So, interesting start to day. I have been in an icy rage with dh all week and finally snapped and told him how pissed off I am. Don't know whether it was right thing to do but it's done now.

Then, as i was doing school run, we were blocked in by huge lorry that just seemed to be going nowhere. They are developing a mini block of flats in the road next to ours and its been painful for months. My icy rage turned into a full furnace on them as I got out of the car and went ballistic at them.shock

Then, I have a major funding decision to make at the school I sponsor. Why do people think its okay to give you an estimate that says £3k to £7k? Those are two very different numbers!angry

So my only bit of zen is that I am not wearing the Ariella dress today. Hurrah! Navy wool cowl sweater with chiffon sleeves from Kaliko, Ralph Lauren beige jodhpurs, Balenciaga and my M&S mac. Ah plus lkb shoes! Loving my tanzanite ring this week. So so so over the top with 2 carats of diamonds twinkling away around a 6 ct tanzanite but I luffs it.

Hope Amber is okay if you're reading!

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 09:52:57


We had a lovely visit to A&E last night, when ds1 fell down the stairs and landed on his head.

Apparently he was rushing to get down angry
Bashed his elbow/funny bone, which made him go dizzy, everything went black and he landed in a heap at the bottom on the wooden floor.

We just heard an almighty crash and found him in a heap sad

I went slightly hysterical.
Dh went into bossy first aider mode (thank god)
And luckily he could walk, talk etc, just spaced out with a huge cartoon like egg shaped lump on his forehead.

Dh declared him fit and well, but I took him to get checked out anyway.

He's fine today, wanted to go to school but I've kept him home as it was 10-30 when we got home.

I've not slept, kept seeing his body lying there.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 09:54:30

Hope you're ok too Amber thanks

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 10:11:57

Oh Anni you poor things. So scary. Very glad he's ok. Big hug.

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 10:43:21

Oh Anni, poor you. Xxxthanks so glad he's okay.

RubyLovesShopping Fri 04-Oct-13 11:17:56

Anni glad your ds is ok, I tend to revert to hysterical mode when any of them get hurt on that scale. I saw those peacoats for 199 last week but the fabric felt quite scratchy and they were swing style peacoats and I am after a straighter style. Love the shoescribe code which has presented a bigger dilemma: the f&b boots I love I have been and tried are 370 but with the shoescribe code could buy these instead same boots but with suede straps for 283. Which do you think would look better, don't want to be swayed by cost but think I am.
Decameron haven't bought the coat yet due to ongoing boot dilemma and been freelancing for a few days this week to justify coat and boot purchases to dh the household finance manager!
Have had more time for mn while working than I do at home!

MrsRadicchio Fri 04-Oct-13 12:34:12

Oh Anni hugs to you and ds and dh, sounds scary. Definitely best to go to A&E in the circs.

Novice hope you and dh sort things out flowers

Ruby I really like the shoescribe ones actually.

Linus and Liberty think you guys do the 5:2 diet - I am thinking of starting next week but need ideas for the 500 cals day. Any recipe recommendations, or blogs I could look at. Any strategies to employ?

And Liberty do you do the curly girl method? I have been trying but not sure it is doing my hair any favours.

QueenCadbury Fri 04-Oct-13 13:46:30

Oh no anni glad he's ok.

novice wine for you smile

shop how's the head?

mrsr I kind of do the curly girl method on dd hair. I use the natural range from boots. I wash with shampoo once a week and then every other day I wash with conditioner, comb through, rinse and put on a bit more conditioner to leave on. Her hair is now much more manageable. It still gets matted but not as bad.

The clarks boots arrived (can't link as site closed for maintenance) and they're a great fit, comfy but a weird shade of navy. So they're going back.

santamarianovella Fri 04-Oct-13 14:37:14

ani poor you,glad he is ok, i think its the parents who suffer more in incidents like these,hope you are more relaxed today.

novice hope you sort things out,

shop your evening sounded great!

ruby i like the shoescribe too, love the suede stripes.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:00:34

Novice you sound like you are dealing with a lot of stress - I get into rages with DH when I have too much on. Can you delegate any of the stuff you are doing and ease up for a week or two? Hugs for you.

That sounds like a scary fall Anni. Glad to hear DS1 is ok and how nice to have him home for a day even if he doesn't really need it!

MrsR I quit in 5:2 in a fit of 'I'm sick of constantly dieting' pique! I found it easy to do though. I skipped breakfast then had about 100 grams of blueberries with a small pot of yeo valley 0% fat plain yogurt about 11am. Had a couple of raw carrots at 3 or 4pm if I was ravenous then for dinner a small piece baked white fish with a huge plate of stir fry veggies with a drizzle of olive oil. Miso soup good for something filling and almost no cals if needed in between and lots of black coffee. I'll check when I get home but I am sure that the BBC good food mag either this month or last month had a feature on the 5:2 diet with lots of recipe ideas - I'll see if I can find it and can bring it to the MU. After a good start I then found I didn't seem to lose much weight...have been pigging out for the last few weeks though so I may try again (currently avoiding the scales grin)

I did the curly girl method when I was on mat leave - did the full on only washing with conditioner approach and it took about 3 or 4 weeks for my hair to settle into the new routine but once it did it looked fine and was very curly. Once back at work though it was harder as I had to blowdry my hair in the morning - it takes hours to dry naturally. I slipped back into old normal shampoo routine and my hair had become v dry and frizzy again so I have recently switched to sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and it's looking much better. I'm using loreal ever riche]] ATM and really like it. The Body Shop rainforest range of sulphate free products is also good.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:06:55

Oh and my fashion (ish) news today - I went to bravissmo at lunchtime! This evening I will be clearing out all my old 34D's and placing my new 30F's in the underwear drawer. I am genuinely shocked!!! The F cup bit in particular has startled me - I have small boobs - honestly grin I keep looking down at my chest and smirking!

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:08:15

Apols - shampoo link again loreal ever riche

mignonette Fri 04-Oct-13 15:08:42

Happy Birthday to Princess C

Anni T'is so the right thing to get any ?head injury checked out. Glad he turned out to not have one other than the egg.

Novice You know what I'm not going to tell you about your stress levels don't you grin? I get the white hot rages too at moments like that. Keep staring at your ring (the one on your finger otherwise you could get arrested for indecency and let out a big deep breath) and wine.

Am snowed under w/ work and a bit stressed too hence my stress management techniques of uncontrolled pinning of photographs of ice cream! Hopefully I'll get some fashion under my belt soon. I haven't even started to properly read the new US Vogue I received ten days ago via post nor the new Harpers w/ Jennifer Saunders on the cover. THAT is how bad it has got. I'm off to Spain and Germany soon so need to catch up w/ all my paperwork and other stuff sad.

Have a good weekend Y'all.

Drywhiteplease Fri 04-Oct-13 15:35:24

Hello all.
Anni that's scary....glad DS is ok
Novice [fowers]

Ok I've been trying to chill and am currently adopting the blotus position because;

Dust,mess and Climbing over and around stuff is irritating.
People are getting irritable at work.
DS 14 got pissed last night at a rugby club dinner where he, and his teammates were selling raffle tickets. An arsehole friend of ours thought it was ok to buy the lads a pint of cider each shock even though DH was there shock and they then proceeded proceeded to empty all the un drunk port glasses. Major first hangover. I'm livid with my "friend", although not naive enough to think this was never going to happen.
Making constant decisions about architrave/sockets/lighting exhausting.

Tasty builders had top off in my garden earlier grin
An currently wearing my lovely new ASOS stars and striped sweater (will put pic on pin)
DP cheap dress has arrived! looks decidedly dodgy but will give it a try and report back when house is builder free.
It's Friday

Drywhiteplease Fri 04-Oct-13 15:57:50

Oh, realise I may have sounded like a deluded mother. I know my DS could have said no, and I'm relieved he chose somewhere safe to experiment with booze , I think he deserves to feel terrible, just upset that a friend thinks it's a huge joke.

DP dress couldn't wait is horrible, going back, what was I thinking? shock

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 16:10:59

Sweater looks great Dry
I would be absolutely furious with a 'friend' buying booze for a 14 year old - cider and port hangover sounds pretty grim - hopefully it will put him off for at least a while.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 16:16:46

I don't think you are deluded Dry - 14 is young and an adult buying it would make a teenager feel it is ok. It would take a particularly brave and assertive 14 year old to say 'no' in a situation like that. All adults have a responsibility to support children and young people to make good choices - I realise I sound a bit po faced but I would have no patience with this at all and would probably tell the friend in no uncertain terms what I thought.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 17:19:54

I wouldn't be impressed either Dry.

A cider and port hangover sounds like a good 'un to have though grin
I can still remember a teenage pernod and black hangover envy vom face!
It put me off alcohol for a while.

Thanks for the good wishes, Ds1 is fine.
Quite tired and grouchy though, and sulked about not going to school!?
I thought he's be glad to miss his spelling test!

I'm a complete sheep and have just ordered the Only jumper grin
The whistles silver grey one went straight back, as i resembled a Christmas bauble.

QueenCadbury Fri 04-Oct-13 17:21:34

dry that is a pretty crappy thing to do especially on a school night. How did he cope at school with a hangover? At least the hangover may put him off drinking for the next few years grin

Forgot to say earlier that I found a navy French connection blouse in the charity shop earlier. Not a huge bargain at £12 but it's exactly whati'd been looking for!

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