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How much is too much for a bra?

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northernlurker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:14:26

I spent more on a bra than I ever have today. I can afford it and it's beautiful, comfortable and from an independant shop with knowledgeable staff but it was still a lot of cash. Is there such a thing as too much?

Marylou2 Fri 27-Sep-13 18:16:49

How much was it? £40 is pretty much my limit.

SorrelForbes Fri 27-Sep-13 18:18:05

The most I've spent is £70 at Rigby & Peller. Lovely bras but very £££. I've bought better fitting ones (for my shape IYSWIM) for less though. I usually spend around £25-£30.

northernlurker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:18:20

That was my previous limit too.

blush It was £75 BUT I will be wearing it to be a Godmother in <<feeble justification>>

MissStrawberry Fri 27-Sep-13 18:21:04

I once spent £270 on 3 bras in R&P but went back the next day for a refund. DH spent quite a lot on bras for me in the past but my recent ones came from Debenhams and I think the most expensive was about £27. I won't buy them from M&S now. Probably because they don't do my size and told me of course I wanted padded bras hmm.

CatAmongThePigeons Fri 27-Sep-13 18:21:13

You cannot have an upper price limit on a good bra IMO, if it is a great bra, it's worth it.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 27-Sep-13 18:24:28

I shop at R and P and average £70 a bra...good investment IMO.

northernlurker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:26:38

This is very comforting grin In my defence I should say I was buying what turned out to be a 40I so there is quite a bit of bra for the money.

IrisWildthyme Fri 27-Sep-13 18:28:10

You can pay £100+ for individually tailored and fitted bras if you really want to. Given that a poorly fitting bra can lead to uncomfortable sagginess in future I would say £70 is a reasonable price to pay IF it's twice as comfy as a £40 bra.

MrsMcGregor Fri 27-Sep-13 18:28:33

I've three costing around £75/80 each (bought over a number of years grin) and well worth it for comfort and shape.

KneesoftheBee Fri 27-Sep-13 18:29:02

BUT I will be wearing it to be a Godmother in

You will wear something else though, won't you?


MrsDavidBowie Fri 27-Sep-13 18:29:19

Wow northern lurker, that is impressive grin

I love the way R and P just look at you and know what size you are.
I like Empreinte bras.

lavenderhoney Fri 27-Sep-13 18:30:15

I went mad in agent provocoteur in London once, but they were lovely, about £100 I think, and I bought matching everything.

I looked in janet reger but they were pricey but boring.

Now I go to debenhams which stocks my size, looks nice and I just pay and leave. I would go to ap again, but its a lot of money and I am at a different stage of life now ( dc, never go out, etc)

northernlurker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:31:21

grin Yes knees. I have a dress too!

The lady was so nice in the shop too. I love buying things in independant shops. Just so satisfying.

piratecat Fri 27-Sep-13 18:34:02

ex R+P employee here. they love Fantasie bras, sell alot of them. try ebay for new Fantasie bras. you'll save ££££

SorrelForbes Fri 27-Sep-13 18:36:31

I wish AP would do smaller back sizes!

vix206 Fri 27-Sep-13 18:37:41

I'm very lucky as I live near the Eveden factory so I visit their factory shop regularly and get some lovely bras for half the price smile

Reastie Fri 27-Sep-13 18:38:34

I've regularly paid £60 - £90 for a bra in R&P over the past 6 years (I say regularly, maybe 2 a year). I find they fit me so well and last so well that I'd rather buy one or two really well fitted bras from experts who can size me up properly a year than a number of cheap ones which aren't fitted so well (by the staff. I am of plump bosom and need the support. It took me years of wearing the wrong size bra and getting stomach and back ache to realise this is an expense that is perfectly justified).

NoComet Fri 27-Sep-13 18:48:42


NoComet Fri 27-Sep-13 18:49:19

ie anything dearer than a reasonable M&S

northernlurker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:50:46

You're not an H/I cup though are you starball? That's where the issue lies.......

SorrelForbes Fri 27-Sep-13 18:54:48

M&S bras are pretty shit in larger cup sizes (and they also miss out letters, so their G is really an FF).

MissStrawberry Fri 27-Sep-13 19:02:32

R7P in Knightsbridge were fabulous when I bought my wedding underwear. R&P in Bluewater were rubbish and had terrinble customer service "skills."

Reastie Fri 27-Sep-13 19:11:40

Mis I've had very varied experiences at R&P be. Think it just depends who you get

piratecat Fri 27-Sep-13 19:16:25

hmm i have heard such things about Bluewater. i worked at Knightsbridge, but we only had two shops back then.

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