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DRESS HUNT ALERT - bridesmaids. Anyone up for it?

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catinboots Tue 24-Sep-13 18:34:05

Friend is getting married next year and is looking for b/maid dresses.

She has quite specific criteria grin

The dresses must be long, chiffon and with a floral pattern but would consider green.

Nothing bright, would prefer muted colours.

Oh and gotta suit 5 bms ranging in size from 8 to 18

I promised her that mums net would help


tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:02:57

Fuck it, I'm in.

What's the budget?

Sleeve preference?

tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:12:47

Not chiffon but nice

TeamEdward Tue 24-Sep-13 19:15:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:16:19

wrong colour but chiffon

tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:19:54

I like that, TE.

another green one

tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:21:05

and another

AhoyMcCoy Tue 24-Sep-13 19:22:12

My bridesmaids had these chiffon dresses in sage green from an eBay seller. Really cheap and flattering- everyone loved them.

These ones

MairzyDoats Tue 24-Sep-13 19:22:30

The Ariella one is really nice, and would suit a variety of shapes...

FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:25:17

this is nice

or this

MairzyDoats Tue 24-Sep-13 19:25:36

Personally not my thing, but fills the brief

TeamEdward Tue 24-Sep-13 19:25:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeamEdward Tue 24-Sep-13 19:26:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:27:41

but this is to die for

FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:29:53


FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:35:07


This site is good. You can really play around with all the dresses in all the colours.

It's going to be really tough to find something in a pattern in chiffon.

tethersend Tue 24-Sep-13 19:41:16

another green one

FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:43:22

Not chiffon but very pretty and I love the fact that you can have them all in co-ordinating but slightly different shades of green. here

FellatioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 19:46:01

really pretty

Are any of these suitable?

catinboots Tue 24-Sep-13 19:52:36

You guys are amazing wine

Will check out all the links now.

Budget @ £100 but could be more for the perfect frocks

catinboots Tue 24-Sep-13 19:55:47

And wedding is country/marquee wedding in August.

No sleeve preference. The bigger BM is happy to wear a shrug

ScooseIsLoose Tue 24-Sep-13 20:12:42

this is nice
Green&_requestid=14994622 this is lovely

ScooseIsLoose Tue 24-Sep-13 20:18:09

Sorry don't know what happened there the second one looks much nicer in green and there is a pale dusky green or an emerald green to choose from smile

hong11290106 Fri 21-Mar-14 02:43:17

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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