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Please help, how would you style a 40 year old student?

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Having spent 13 years at home, including working from home I think I have probably lost my way a bit.

I am so looking forward to studying and getting back out into the world again but I need clothes. I have binned all the mummy clothes and now I'm stuck. Do I want to go back to being the bohemian I was at 20? would it look ok at 40? probably not confused

I am 5ft5 a size 8-10 and winter colouring.

Any suggestions?

cafecito Mon 16-Sep-13 23:56:36

I am thinking you have anne hathaway colouring, yes greys are good - even a beigey leather if you get the right shade? navy, plums, berry tones

GobblersKnob Tue 17-Sep-13 09:34:56

I am a mature student (38) and went back to uni last year, tbf I am doing something creative/artsy, but I am afraid I have found it a great excuse to re-release my inner teen grin I have loved dressing again in stuff that I love and not having to live up to anyones else's expectations of have any sort of dress code, it has been hugely liberating and has allowed me to rediscover my own sense of style and years of slightly mumsy/boring/practical/souless clothes.

oh, if only I looked like Anne Hathaway, but yes I am the same colouring.

GobblersKnob I'm hoping the same, but now worrying if there is a different dress code to adhere to. Years ago being a bit bohemian or hippy didn't make me stand out (arts student) I probably blended in grin

I'm going to have a look on line later for dresses, I like dresses with asymmetrical hems or handkerchief hem. I am thinking this way, I can wear short without it being too short? maybe?

GobblersKnob Tue 17-Sep-13 11:46:58

There seems to be a split between students who look as students have always looked, bohemian/hippy/goth/ecentric etc and also a new breed of deeply polished, beautifully coiffured, 3 inches of slap (girls), duck faced, facebooking, hardwired to their phones creatures.

Their was no way I was joining the latter grin, so I just fell back in with the former. Times have not changed much. No one will even blink an eye at short.

If you are not overly IT savvy, be prepared to do some fast catching up, that was the hardest bit for me. 'You mean I can't just write my essay? With a pen? No? Oh' grin

roseofberlin Tue 17-Sep-13 14:40:00

If you're going back as a full-time student, don't forget a lot of stores offer a student discount, so might be worth waiting until you have one. Some stores will accept your uni photo ID, but a lot of the chains ask for an NUS extra card now, which takes a bit longer to get as you need to enrol and get the union to verify your student status.

cafecito Tue 17-Sep-13 14:44:18

yes that's right. I could never be bothered with an NUS card but UNIDAYS has a website that gives you discounts and you can sign up once you have your uni email address. eg last week was 20% off asos, etc.

GobblersKnob I think I'll join you in the first group. I'm not very organised with nails and make up. I would fall over in heels. Although I have treated myself to some bb cream and mascara this week.

roseofberlin that is a really good point. I am going to be based in the nearest city to me, so I am hoping to get some time for shopping. I will apply for NUS card, they are adding co-op which might help with wine

cafecito I have my uni email set up, so I'll do a search for UNIDAYS, thank you.

lurkinglorna Tue 17-Sep-13 15:51:43

not right away but i'm gonna be a mature student too, so GOOD LUCK smile

i assume i'll just dress my usual "casual" style which is actually quite classic - as in everything well fitting and in flattering colours - i have a youngish face but like looking every one of my years! comfortable footwear (converse and flat black walking shoes) and a big coat.

i shall admire the kids from a distance, and wipe the floor with them in class smile

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