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Help with a hairstyle for 14 year old dd

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MelodyBaker Mon 16-Sep-13 17:57:55

My DD is 14 and has been complaining about her hair. she has asked if i will take her to the hairdressers but she doesn't know what to do.
(I've no idea, I have tried to help her - she asked me to ask the ladies on mumsnet!)
She has thick hair, it is to the middle of her back at the moment with a slight wave and it has been like this for 3 years. She has a round face, doesn't want anything too short as she still wants too tie it up for her sports.

Thank you in advance!

TheAwfulDaughter Mon 16-Sep-13 18:25:33

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MelodyBaker Mon 16-Sep-13 19:13:31

That sounds nice and looks like it would suit her.
She has never really wanted to do anything to her hair but girls at school have been laughing at her and I don't want her upset so if she wants to do something new I'm happy to let her!
Any other ideas? The appointment is Saturday, we will take pictures with us.

MelodyBaker Tue 17-Sep-13 16:43:56


Side fringes are also popular (or at least both of my DD have them) and maybe a few layers, bit of shaping? I tend to see the yr 8 and 8 look like primary girls still.. simple long hair tied back or blunt fringe and then yr 9 more styles creep in.

Pinterested is really good for looking for diff styles (if you typed teen long, or teen, shoulder length) you'd come up with lots I suspect.

I'm about to get my long hair chopped this weekend and am going armed with photos on my phone from pinterest smile

MelodyBaker Tue 17-Sep-13 17:32:30

DD is in year 10 Medusa, I worked in a school and yes, yr7 and yr8 do still look like primary girls.
I'll look on pintrest with her - she has always had similar hairstyles and I think she is getting bored of looking the same.

MelodyBaker Thu 19-Sep-13 17:46:02

DD likes this this
She is leaning towards that but she said she fancies having a bob! What do you think? Would her face shape be ok? can you tell I have no idea ?!

MissHC Thu 19-Sep-13 18:04:35

I find the straight fringe usually looks a bit strange with a round face. A side fringe is a lot more flattering - like this or this

MissHC Thu 19-Sep-13 18:06:13

And I really wouldn't do a bob with a round face... That will make it look even rounder.

MelodyBaker Thu 19-Sep-13 18:08:55

They are nice MissHC, I'll get her to look later - she is out at the moment.
I am usless, I had long hair until January, cut it all off into a pixie - the best decision i ever made! I had mumsnet's help with that as well!

MelodyBaker Thu 19-Sep-13 19:09:33

SpecialSubject - she has been having problems at school for a while. She is classed as a 'outsider' by the 'popular group' because she moved schools. The bullying is being addressed by the school. She wants a haircut - she has been on at me for a while now, she isn't cutting her hair to fit in.

I'll tell her a bob may not work. Thank you.

headlesslambrini Thu 19-Sep-13 19:23:51

if her hair is long it may be that if it is cut short then it fizz's up. it may be that the weight of her hair is pulling it down IYSWIM.

Get the hairdresser to cut it in stages - an inch or two at a time.

MelodyBaker Fri 20-Sep-13 16:58:30

I hadn't thought about that headless.
She is thinking about cutting it to this length with a side fringe.
We will be taking pictures and asking the hairdressers advice.

SoYo Fri 20-Sep-13 17:08:59

Don't let her cut it into a bob! I did that at her age for the same reasons with the same hair type and it was a frizzy awful mess that looked like a triangle and I resorted to ironing it in pre straightener days

Keep it long & have a side fringe. Practice some nice up dos from YouTube videos such as messy plaits, big buns etc. that'll give her much more variety with it.

MelodyBaker Fri 20-Sep-13 17:14:04

Thank you SoYou. I'll let her read through the thread later. I do agree about not having a bob - maybe keeping it long with a fringe is the way to go - it is her decision though and I am happy if she is.

MelodyBaker Tue 24-Sep-13 17:53:05

Thank you so much for all your help, in the end DD had 2 inches off and a side fringe cut in. Next time we go, should she still want to go shorter, she plans on cutting a inch off.
The hairdresser doesn't think that her hair will fizz up but she didn't want to cut 3 inches off for it too fizz up and DD to dislike it.
Thank you for your help smile

SoYo Wed 25-Sep-13 15:16:29

Great news, I hope she's happy with it!

MelodyBaker Fri 27-Sep-13 18:10:03

She is happy with it SoYo, I have to say she looks lovely - flatters her face.

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