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Black slim trousers like chinos and boots with small heel

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Hullygully Tue 10-Sep-13 15:35:14


am short and stout

coffeeinbed Tue 10-Sep-13 19:16:30

the boden bistro ?
they also do woolly ones as wll.
try the petite version.

coffeeinbed Tue 10-Sep-13 19:17:03

oh hold on, do they come in black as well?

Hullygully Thu 12-Sep-13 10:35:24

Looked at Boden, thanks.

Come on, there must be some slim black bloody trousers out there.

Why doesn't anyone care? <cries>

CeeceeBloomingdale Thu 12-Sep-13 11:50:54

Maybe because you have made a statement, not asked a question! I had no idea if you were asking for recommendations, whether they'd go together, whether they'd suit you etc! I'm on the look out for the black slim trousers in a short length too but can only find polyester and want cotton or wool. Do you need petite length? Debenhams, ASOS, M&S all do short lengths.

carrie74 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:06:30

Banana Republic? Gap? Zara?

coffeeinbed Thu 12-Sep-13 12:15:25

Banana Republic do lots of sizes.
Bad quality though.

carrie74 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:21:16

Oh, I've had great experience with BR trousers - some are YEARS old (bought in US before they opened here). Usual workwear for me.

Eastpoint Thu 12-Sep-13 12:22:15

Weekend by Maxmara for trousers

Hullygully Thu 12-Sep-13 14:14:01

Why has everyone sold out of everything? What's the point of that? <rage>

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 12-Sep-13 14:18:32

gap khakis in black or gap slim cropped

Clarks have some nice boots.

MiH are doing some amazing looking bodycon black trousers but they're £££. Equally the acne pistol boot in black would be good but again £££.

Hullygully Thu 12-Sep-13 14:48:46

They are short tho those gap ones which isn't good for the short and stout.

Whats MiH?

Levantine Thu 12-Sep-13 18:34:58

I want black slim leg trousers too. I saw some nice ones in the Lands End catalogue of all places, but they were a bit expensive £50ish

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