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This pink coat thing

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GreatNorthRoad Mon 09-Sep-13 14:40:07

I like clothes but I don't really do high fashion, but even I have seen/heard enough to know that the (dusky?) pink coat is supposed to be the thing to have this winter.

This is a colour that really suits me and which I find surprising easy to wear - it goes with most things I find. However, when I buy a new "good" coat, I generally get 10-15 years out of it!

So, high fashion this year, looking ridiculous next? Or in two year's time will it just be a coat in a (mildly) interesting colour rather, than hugely out of date. I'd love a good coat that's not black or camel, but it has to last more than one year.

SundaySimmons Mon 09-Sep-13 19:45:05

The Pink Ribbon has been a symbol in recent years to support Breast Cancer sufferers and their families.

Please join me in the Pink Coat campaign to support fashion victims and there long suffering families.

Just say NO to the pink coat.

I'm joking. I must have one. Preferably a fuschia or hot pink one. Rihanna wore an expensive one last winter, totally wasted on her, but was gorgeous.

SundaySimmons Mon 09-Sep-13 19:45:26

Their not there

orangeandemons Mon 09-Sep-13 19:51:05

I've got the M and S one, am sending back the Zara one, and am currently eyeing up the Boden one. Pink suits me better than any other colour, and I've been searching for a pink coat for years. I don't want a boring black/navy ./camel one, I hate looking dull, especially in Winter. The Zara one is going back because it felt like cardboard, and seemed much nastier fabric than the M and S one. However, the M and S one, is more of a transition coat, as it as no wool in it for warmth

mypavlova Mon 09-Sep-13 22:12:42

I'm eyeing the boden bright pink one also. Great colour. Pale pink is no good on me and those really long shapes, also no good - I'm too short. But I mid thigh bright pink - really good.

Overall I like the introduction of other colours and brighter colours to winter coats and I think the concept will be revisited and elaborated in winters to come.

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