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Autumn Term At Crepey Towers

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QueenQueenie Thu 05-Sep-13 10:38:02

I did it!

Blackduck Fri 13-Sep-13 16:56:21

Oh QQ are you a San Sebastián lover?! Bilbao and San Sebastián are two of my fav places smile

QueenQueenie Fri 13-Sep-13 17:38:33

I love it but it's a good while since I've been there. Any good for the Herbs do you think??

bigTillyMint Fri 13-Sep-13 17:45:28

Herbs, your house isn't up for sale is it? Saw this on another thread and thought of you!

alto1 Fri 13-Sep-13 17:48:59

Evening all. Glad to hear good news about your Mum BD.

Dd off school today. She's not a lead-swinger but I think the stress of friend problem has got to her. She had head and tummy ache, spent day in jammies.

Mother of the 'friend' in question came round for coffee, no hint that she's aware of anything amiss.

I am so relieved to have gone down to 4 days. The day at home makes it all seem manageable, for now at least. And then it's the weekend grin

Blackduck Fri 13-Sep-13 18:15:57

Omg that bathroom - my eyes, my eyes...

Now talking about taking drain out tomorrow and discharging Sunday!
I have done San Sab and Bilbao with ds when he was about 5 - he loved it.....

hattymattie Fri 13-Sep-13 18:55:57

Well that house link cheered up my evening grin

bigTillyMint Fri 13-Sep-13 19:12:20

Twas on another threadgrin

Alto, hope your DD has gained some strength from her duvet day. I doubt the friend would have said anything to her mum if she knows she is being unreasonable. It must be hard to sit back and not say anything, especially if seeing your DD at home didn't make her wonder.

Am now wanting to visit San Seb and Bilbao. Sadly my teens (especially DD) would probably sneer and say it would be boring.

herbaceous Fri 13-Sep-13 19:18:38

San seb. QQ you are a genius. Already found some highly suitable gaffs.

CointreauVersial Fri 13-Sep-13 19:39:38

Christ alive, that house!

Actually, elements of it reminded me of this place when we first moved in. Particularly the fondness for pink embellishments, shiny meringue ceilings and tart's knickers curtains.

QueenQueenie Fri 13-Sep-13 21:39:41


herbaceous Sat 14-Sep-13 00:13:47

How dare you be so rude about my decor. That embompoint belonged to my great grandparents.


Not really. Frankly, that kind of nonsense devalues the 'village borders'.

Blackduck Sat 14-Sep-13 07:20:55

Herbs there is a fantastic kids playground outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao - and the installations (the foggy bridge) just entranced ds. If you do go let me know - I might ask you to purchase something for ds!!! And the food, omg the food.... (Books own flight ;) )

Cremolafoam Sat 14-Sep-13 07:38:27

Wow that house is something else.!


bigTillyMint Sat 14-Sep-13 10:01:51

In S&B news I am taking DS to get a new blazer (having postponed from the end of the holidays due to the queues) and then I am going for a much needed haircut.

The weather is vile and it feels like Novembersad

rubyrubyruby Sat 14-Sep-13 10:09:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigTillyMint Sat 14-Sep-13 10:30:15

Well done rubesflowers

Cremolafoam Sat 14-Sep-13 10:46:22

Good woman ruby !

BTM I also need a haircut and Beauty overhaul . Do you think there's time for a facelift before Friday. May have to send my glamorous younger! sister to deputise for me at this ratewink

What are you wearing peeps?

Cremolafoam Sat 14-Sep-13 10:50:51

Btw if in Bilbao you have to go to Alhondiga swimming pool! It has a glass floor and is amazing! Oh and the flea market on Saturdays . Fantastico

alto1 Sat 14-Sep-13 11:03:34

Aargh, don't all have makeovers. Style and beauty left me behind three years ago blush. Please tell me I won't be the only one with a bad haircut and shaggy brows, in old clothes (all slightly too small) and Ecco beetle-crushing shoes that don't hurt my feet. The only new thing I have is a wrist splint, and that doesn't go with anything <sigh>.

Off topic, I have long stressful commute in current secondment. Can anyone recommend a radio station that plays suitably soothing music? I love radio 4 but 3 hours of it a day is too much. Classical music is either too distracting or makes me cry atm. What are your favourites?

QueenQueenie Sat 14-Sep-13 11:04:12

I plan to wear a waterproof "Darth Vadar" style poncho, pixie boots, firm control undergarments and a feisty attitude... You?

QueenQueenie Sat 14-Sep-13 11:09:07

Do you mean on car radio Alto or new fangled MP3 thingumajig? If internet possible I can highly recommend "Loudcaster" internet radio, where you can find station called the "Great American Songbook". It's so soothing it'll put you to sleep if you're not careful. I can't listen when trying to work as I go into a trance like unproductive state...

Two days til my looming deadline laydeeez. Give me a last minute kick up the bum and tell me "JUST FECKING FINISH IT!" Please? Then life will be one long merrygoround of Leonard Cohen, cocktails, lounging etc.

alto1 Sat 14-Sep-13 11:18:08

QQ it's old-fangled car radio. And just feckin' finish it, for goodness' sake grin. Leonard Cohen is waiting

bigTillyMint Sat 14-Sep-13 12:03:50

Altogrin at S&B woes!
Re radio - I used to listen to Heart, but we have had to have Capital on in the car for a year or two now. Unless DH has been in it and then it will be switched to Sport Live, or some such crap.

Blackduck Sat 14-Sep-13 15:42:39

S'okay Alto1 I'm an s&b fraud too... No makeover here. I decided to go to the elbulli exhibition at Somerset House completely forgetting about London fashion week... So I fought my way through all these bright young things - I don't think I will be appearing on the news - unless it's in a 'what not to wear' montage....

wilbur Sat 14-Sep-13 17:09:06

I would like to have some kind of makeover before Friday, but no chance, time or money, so you will be treated to v bad hair (grown out cut, and bad colour since I tried a different one to my usual just ^out of interest - what the fucky fuck I was thinking I have no idea hmm.) If it's still raining, I won't even be able to wear my leather jacket which makes me feel at least a little rock n roll.

Luuurve that house! How house proud must they be? It's actually quite touching. Although the garden as bathroom extension is quite a sight to behold - the tiles must be treacherous in winter.

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