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I don't want to look like a fat frumpy student anymore!

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RockOn Mon 02-Sep-13 23:47:17

I'm in dire need of serious help, I'm in my thirties, 2 stone overweight and I look like crap. I've totally lost myself over the last few years and dress like a depressed 1990s student.

I've been putting off buying clothes forever and saying I'll buy nice things again when I'm slim. This state of affairs has been going on too long.

I've got a handle on my diet and started taking a long walk plus doing the shred every day. But I need help with my wardrobe.

I've binned everything that does not fit and that is too old. I can't bin everything that isn't flattering as I would have nil clothes. I need to start from scratch and am so lost. To make things worse my budget is about £400, at an outside may stretch to five.

I prefer clean simple styles dressed up with a bold accessory. So what should I buy to create a stylish capsule wardrobe?

Please help!

Phaedra11 Sun 08-Sep-13 11:24:26

Hi, I'm not great with this sort of advice but am bumping your message up for those who may have missed it before. For advice on what to buy for a flattering capsule wardrobe, it would be helpful to know how tall you are and whether you're more apple or pear shaped. Different things suit different builds.
I'm a 5 ft 3'' apple and wear the sort of things that would cause many here to run screaming (tunics longline tops with jeggings, short dresses with knee length boots) but they work for me. If I had longer legs or a different body type I would go for something different.

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