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Where can I find long (at least knee length) tunics to wear with leggings?

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MrsMeow Sun 01-Sep-13 15:10:12

I've been searching for ages and can't seem to find the right kind. I want to be able to wear them with leggings and boots but I really hate my legs so the least leg showing the better!

I've tried loads on but they all seem to end mid-thigh or just above and I just don't want that much leg showing, even with leggings on sad

I found a fab one last week in Sainsburys, fine knit and came down to just above my knee, but it made my bum look like a sack of puppies so I had to take it back...

Something like the kind in Joe Browns is what I'm after. Does anyone know what their sizing is like?

I'm 5'5 if that makes a difference. I'd appreciate any help!

LadyMilfordHaven Sun 01-Sep-13 15:11:08

They're all quite unflattering IMO try white stuff if you have to

MrsMeow Sun 01-Sep-13 15:15:33

Really? sad I was kind of hoping they'd skim over my stomach (problem area) and make me look slimmer, but that I'd be able to wear them even as I lose weight...

Will look at White Stuff, thanks! Didn't think of there.

I have to agree with Lady M that leggings and a tunic (however long) rarely flatter. Is it for work or casual?

If for casual, I think a jumper dress and tights, or skinnies and a longer line top will be nicer.

If for work, have you tried a jersey midi skirt, or maxi skirt?

tethersend Sun 01-Sep-13 15:17:49

Once it reaches your knees, isn't it a dress?

Have a look at peacocks.

tethersend Sun 01-Sep-13 15:18:25

And yes to ditching the leggings altogether.

dexter73 Sun 01-Sep-13 15:18:59

I think the reason they are all that length is that is the length of a tunic IYSWIM. If you want knee length then you are looking for a dress. Also try Fat Face.

LadyMilfordHaven Sun 01-Sep-13 15:20:43

They cling to hip hamsters

Capitola Sun 01-Sep-13 15:23:56

White Stuff is tunic heaven, but if you want something that flatters, avoid at all costs.

MrsMeow Sun 01-Sep-13 15:24:34

Thanks everyone, yes I think I probably should look at dresses but then I'd have to ditch the leggings/skinnies and it fills me with dread!!

Remus, it's for casual. I've lost weight since last autumn/winter and don't want to hide away in black like I have the past few years. I'm still not confident enough to wear anything that doesn't hide me somehow though wink

I'll definitely look for jumper dresses, I used to wear those a lot. And I have a couple of jersey maxis. I'd kind of classed them as summer wear but can't see why I couldn't wear them with boots under. What kind of top would you recommend with them? I've been wearing them with vest tops during the summer, but obviously no good for colder weather.

I'll look at peacocks and fat face, thanks smile

Depends on the shape of the maxi tbh.

If a column one, I quite like a slightly slouchy 'classic' v neck jumper and heeled ankle boots.

If a bit more full, I prefer a more fitted top.

Both shapes work well with a denim jacket or a biker jacket.

Any good?

IsabelleRinging Sun 01-Sep-13 16:58:09

Why don't you just wear a dress with very thick tights, then you will also eliminate the 'what to wear to keep feet warm without looking odd dilemma' too.

By the way, what is exactly the difference between a knee-length dress and a knee-length tunic hmm?

DontmindifIdo Sun 01-Sep-13 17:08:12

sounds like you need knee length empire line dresses, try Boden. put with thick tights.

primallass Sun 01-Sep-13 17:12:35

Thanks everyone, yes I think I probably should look at dresses but then I'd have to ditch the leggings/skinnies and it fills me with dread!!

I don't understand why you could wear a knee-lenth tunic with leggings but not a knee-length dress. They are surely one and the same?

Karbea Sun 01-Sep-13 17:16:19

Definitely sounds like you need a dress, tunics just aren't that long. I'm afraid I really don't like that look though, not stylish at all.

Sparklysilversequins Sun 01-Sep-13 17:35:59

Everyone who doesn't do the tunic/leggings look, what do you wear?

All sorts of things! Dresses, skinnies, maxis, minis. I detest leggings and don't think they really flatter anybody, whatever their size tbh.

goodasitgets Sun 01-Sep-13 17:43:11

I wear dresses a lot with falke/wolford leggings which are more like footless tights. Have the Boden Emma tunic which I wear those with (and a waist belt)
This is a Great Plains one I wear a lot
Or I live in M&S 5 pocket jeggings with various tops

LadyMilfordHaven Sun 01-Sep-13 17:45:25

i dont get why everyone wants to wear thick black pyjama bottoms all the time

My biggest problem with leggings (other than those idiots who wear a short top with them so I can see their arses, which I really, really could live without), is that the whole black legging, bare ankle, shoe thing looks so odd. It makes people look like frogmen, minus the slippers. They don't look so bad with boots, but then one might as well wear tights anyway imho.

MysteriousHamster Sun 01-Sep-13 17:54:02

Nothing wrong with tunics on occasion.

Of course you can, once they reach knee length, just consider them a dress and leggings basically become tights in autumn/winter anyway.

White Stuff and Fat Face are pretty good for both. Many here will say they're 'mumsy' but a) that depends on what you buy and b) who cares!

shockers Sun 01-Sep-13 17:54:29

Seasalt do longer length tunics that look very nice with leggings or footless tights... they're more of a dress style than the White Stuff or Fat Face ones.

flippers not slippers

shockers Sun 01-Sep-13 17:56:38

X post with MysteriousHamster there!

dexter73 Sun 01-Sep-13 18:43:29

I don't wear leggings and tunics. I wear skinny or straight jeans, skirts (mini or maxi but rarely in-betwen) and dresses (with tights).

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