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How do you go about 'culling' your wardrobe?

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milkyman Sat 31-Aug-13 19:12:09

it's that time of the year again when I fancy revamping whats in my wardrobe but I don't know where to start. how do u go about it?

noisytoys Sat 31-Aug-13 19:19:45

Bin anything that hasn't been worn for the whole of the last season going into the next season. If it hasn't been worn at all it is unlikely to be worn.

Joycey29 Sat 31-Aug-13 19:20:24

Get colours done and get rid of all the things that don't work for you!!

ameliameerkat Sat 31-Aug-13 19:23:13

If it doesn't fit - give it to a charity shop!

If it fits, but it's no longer your style - ditto.

I recently got rid of 25 pairs of trousers and jeans with just those two criteria....

MrsDavidBowie Sat 31-Aug-13 19:26:00

I have just done this.
Got about 20 things on ebay and 2 bags to the charity shop.

I also find it theraputic to have matching hangers (instead of random ones) , arrange wardrobe with cardis together, long sleeve tops together etc. ditto with drawers.

I am quite ruthless.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 31-Aug-13 19:26:03

I've got a double wardrobe plus another single door.
Anything I really want to keep but I don't wear much goes in the single wardrobe.
I'm doing my post holiday washing at the moment so loads of my swimsuits (which are 3 summers old) will go.
T-Shirts only last one season.
Socks and pants twice a year- complete change.
Especially jumpers, if they shrink or go pilled, I recycle them.

Everything else if it looks scruffy.
I don't do the if you haven't worn it for a year rule.

My DD wardrobe is constantly upgrading as she grows like a weed and buys loads.

I bought a navy jersey jacket today to go with jeans.
My winter coats are a year old (long) and two year old (hip length) but I still love them.

Might get some more jumpers and long sleeved stretchy tops.

Luckily at work I wear a uniform so I don't need to worry apart from making sure it's clean.
At home it's jeans and jerseys .
Leggings/jeggings at the weekend.

milkyman Sun 01-Sep-13 09:34:14

thank u feel inspired now to get on with it! going to be ruthless! grin

YourHandInMyHand Sun 01-Sep-13 09:37:14

I did this about a month ago and feel so much better for it.

Got rid of anything that didn't fit, was misshapen, faded, etc. Also stuff that fit but didn't suit me, or that I'd gone off, or hadn't worn for a year.

I'm left with hardly anything and can see now why I "had nothing to wear"! Will be getting some autumn/winter staples soon to top me up (only 1 pair of full length trousers left from the sort out), but will be thinking very carefully about what I buy in future.

Zoe900 Sun 01-Sep-13 09:39:36

Maybe get a friend to cull it with the condition that you can over rule a few of her suggested rejections.

when I watched that 'ten years younger' show I used to think that they tried to change people too drastically. If somebody came and threw out ALL my casual clothes and just left me with wraparound dresses, I'd need to go and buy more jeans first chance I got!

MrsDavidBowie Sun 01-Sep-13 09:44:33

I am trying not to have "best " clothes..... But wear nice things daily instead of saving them.
Otherwise most stuff gets unworn.

FloraFoxley Sun 01-Sep-13 09:51:13

I must do this. Unfortunately it's a huge job as I have 4 chest of drawers and a large wardrobe plus under bed storage... It's all rammed ( and I mean rammed ) with stuff. I've got at least 50 pairs of jeans for a start.

The other thing is that everything is in excellent or as new condition ( thanks to an insane shopping habit ) and it all fits me fine. Plus I like most of it !

So - apart from pledging to stop buying clothes - how do I get ruthless enough to bin stuff that I just don't get round to wearing but 'might' one day?

TravelinColour Sun 01-Sep-13 09:54:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDavidBowie Sun 01-Sep-13 09:57:42

Blimey Flora , that is a serious de clutter!!
I would love to sort that lot out!!

i cull every 3 months, so am on top of I don't have much storage space.

I would start by sorting out what you haven't worn in a year. And if it's in good condition, ebay it.
And hide the credit card!

rockybalboa Sun 01-Sep-13 10:00:13

Can you get someone else to help? My sister is very good at giving me honest and ruthless advice in this situ when I start saying things like "but I might wear this..."

MinesAPintOfTea Sun 01-Sep-13 10:01:14

Flora why not start by trying everything on and sending anything that doesn't fit you well to the charity shop?

INeedSomeHelp Sun 01-Sep-13 10:01:18

Flora I think yoy need to group things and then be really ruthless. So, put all your jeans in one group. If you've got ten pairs of dark denim skinnies (for example) how many do you realistically need?
Try them all again and keep the couple of pairs that are the absolute comfiest best fit.
When I'm buying stuff or clearing things out I try to think about when I would wear something. So if I like a pair of trousers but would qear them with the same top for the same event as a pair I've already got then there's no point getting them.

Hassled Sun 01-Sep-13 10:01:27

If I haven't worn it in a year, it goes - unless it has some sentimental value.

milkyman Sun 01-Sep-13 10:05:31

thanks all. how easy is ebay to use as have never used it?

Silverfoxballs Sun 01-Sep-13 10:07:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daimbardiva Sun 01-Sep-13 10:08:14

I don't do the year thing anymore - I've got rid of things on this basis in the past and regretted it. I work more on the basis that if I don't really like something, it doesn't suit me, fit me and make me feel good, or is worn/damaged and can't be fixed, it goes.

FloraFoxley Sun 01-Sep-13 11:20:53

If any of you are near me then YES -- come and help me! ( begs )

All my drawers are stuffed to the point they hardly close- I actually forget I've got stuff. I've given stacks to the charity shop and I don't like to ebay as a rule ... Loads of effort for little return. I sold a DVF cashmere coat last month on there for 50. It was worth 400. I'd rather have given it away.

Good tip re the jeans. I've got maybe 15 pairs of dark skinnies for example - from fat face, next, river island, gap, new look. I see a pair , I think ' yeah they're nice' and forget that actually I've got a dozen pairs JUST freakin like them under the bed at home.

If you're size 10 and want some clothes then be my guest : )

FloraFoxley Sun 01-Sep-13 11:23:10

David - I've got not much storage at all, I've had to put a chest of drawers on my landing for starters. grin

I just love clothes- I'm really really bad for make up and beauty products as well but that's a whole other story! On the plus side, I've no other vices and its my only hobby

FloraFoxley Sun 01-Sep-13 11:25:30

Travel - are you a colour consultant as your name might suggest?

Ruprekt Sun 01-Sep-13 11:30:19

I was telling dh the other day about the mumsnetter who only has a few things in her wardrobe but they are quality garments and that, over time, I would like to do the same....

He thought it was a great idea and has made me promise not to buy more supermarket clothes or anything from Next!!

I have already sorted 3 bags of clothes and shoes for different places.

1 for lady at school

2 the clothes bank

3 charity shop

Dilidali Sun 01-Sep-13 11:43:22

mrsdavidbowie, genius that you are!!!!!matching hangers!!! Never had them, but how brilliant!!!
Added to my closet mission along with new fragrant paper for lining the shelves!!!thank you.

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