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Ok I have to ask about dandruff

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cleofatra Fri 30-Aug-13 12:35:02

My hair is a mess. I have had intractable dandruff for years and just cant get rid of it. I get big chunky flakes and often can feel waxy areas on my scalp, which are scratched or flake off. (yuck).
I have tried - all commercial shampoos - tgel, selsun, head and shoulders etc which do nothing at all and nizoral which worked the first few times I used it but doesnt seem to now.

Any suggestions? sad

Allinafankle Fri 30-Aug-13 17:49:31

Are you sure it's dandruff? I have scalp psoriasis which can appear similar and have special yucky stuff from the GP to help.
Otherwise try some shampoos which don't contain SLS - there are a couple of other threads about that at the moment.
I too find I need to vary my shampoo regularly or they lose their effectiveness. My bathroom looks like a branch of Boots!

theresmoretolife Fri 30-Aug-13 17:57:54

Ask gp for help- there are some things they can try, like betnovate scalp

nancydrew Fri 30-Aug-13 21:05:45

I read about Philip Kingsley dry scalp shampoo on Mumsnet. It works! It is expensive but worth it. They do deals on QVC from time to time- shampoo, conditioner and a scalp conditioner that you can apply to problem areas for about £25? Hope you get it sorted

nancydrew Fri 30-Aug-13 21:45:53

Sorry I underestimated that price, it's actually £31.50 plus postage

HelgatheHairy Fri 30-Aug-13 22:23:02

I have a type of dermatitis which sounds exactly like that. After years of trying everything the best I've found is LOreal Elvive anti - dandruff in a dark blue bottle with orange lid. It's brilliant and really cheap compared to Philip Kingsley.

cleofatra Fri 30-Aug-13 23:34:36

Thanks so much all smile Its so frustrating sad Will try all of the suggestions !

valiumredhead Sat 31-Aug-13 00:28:01

You need Loreal anti dandruff shampoo-dark blue bottle with orange lid, in Boots. Whether it's dandruff or fungal or whatever it'll clear it up in a week ime. Or T gel that's ok too but a bit rough on your hair.

valiumredhead Sat 31-Aug-13 00:29:01

The body shop ginger shampoo is similar to the pk one but much cheaper.

valiumredhead Sat 31-Aug-13 00:29:38

Sorry Helga beat me to it!grin

NotAQueef Sat 31-Aug-13 00:42:13

body shop ginger shampoo. I had itchy flaky scalp earlier in the year - used it for a few weeks and it went and hasn't returned!

Pimmpom Sat 31-Aug-13 09:22:52

I have had good results from Sebamed Anti-dandruff shampoo. x

Allthingspretty Sat 31-Aug-13 10:58:28

Gp visit
Then possibly nizorelle

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