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Do you think where you shop says something about what type of person you are?

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Rushyswife Thu 29-Aug-13 19:34:39

I had never considered this before really. I tend to just buy clothes I like. Although, having said that I do get 'into' certain shops if they have a range of clothes I like and buy loads and then sometimes go off then a different season.

Anyway like I said I never really considered this until a friend asked where a top of mine was from. When I said Boden she said 'Ah, should have known, you are a boden type of person?'

What exactly did she mean by that and should I be flattered/offended?

Rushyswife Thu 29-Aug-13 21:26:43

Fear not dear!

gaggiagirl Thu 29-Aug-13 21:41:32

I think I'm the only person in my office who doesn't sport a full NEXT ensemble.

The women will often buy the same garments.

I think the women in my office are a certain type but I can only judge based on that small observation.

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:02:57

Im currently wearing a Boden hooded cardi , a Monsoon beach dress and M&S knickers . (oh and drinking a class of Co op red and eating a slice of ham from Lidl) . I also like the House of Fraser website for clothes, ebay and TK Maxx and love trawling through charity shops (and John Lewis) .

My best and most worn summer purchase was a pair of shorts from sainsbury's so what does that make me? .. Shop fascism is all total carp really.. just get what you like and suits you and what the rest think

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:04:07

Oh and i'm over 50 and work in the public sector .. definately a 'type ' then. grin

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 29-Aug-13 22:08:01

I shop in next, new look, DP's and asos so I'm probably seen as a chavvy admin assistant -I'm not actually - I do my food shopping in m & s and waitrose so I'm v. Posh

alemci Thu 29-Aug-13 22:11:53

I like alot of the makes discussed, some years their stuff is better than others. spend alot of time trying to find things made of cotton not viscose.

wearing white stuff top and per una cropped trousers as they fit and I find most makes dont

dexter73 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:16:26

I quite like Fat Face but I am certainly nothing like what Po imagines me to be like! No Cath Kidston, Keep Calm posters or travelling and definitely more than one joint!

elQuintoConyo Thu 29-Aug-13 22:16:57

I buy stuff in charity shops, as a pp ^^
What does that say about me?
I used to care about where I shopped, but then I just... stopped.

NoComet Thu 29-Aug-13 22:20:51

"Fat face and white stuff are jolly pear shaped women who had a whale of a time 'travelling' in 1993 and even smoked a joint once. They now live in a 1930's semi with cath kidston mugs and a keep calm print"

Well I have some White stuff and Sea Salt and like some Fat face,but don't own any. I'm certainly pear shaped and sometimes jolly.

However, I was married in 1990 to a DH who wouldn't smoke a joint, but has been offered them in various bits of Europe (he looks the hippy, I don't). My house is 200 years old and I have no CK mugs or keep Calm posters on the walls (lots of silly personal ones from the ap on my phone).

And today I have M&S cropped trousers (combat style and not obviously M&S) and a new look T shirt on.

Once I would have been in mostly Next casual stuff, because I'm exactly their shape, but everything's been polyester and frilly for years.

Plus3 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:23:17

I was told that I was alright for a Boden woman....

Buy most of my clothes from Gap, Boden, Monsoon, white stuff & fat face. Very high street. Very typical (although I'd like to think that what I choose, I wear well grin

The hip young things at work always comment on the Boden stuff though ( they always like it, and I suspect haven't seen it before!!)

thecatfromjapan Thu 29-Aug-13 22:33:29

I don't like Fat Face - all looks a bit crumpled to me. I'm wearing a John Lewis "Weekend" cardigan, a Uniqlo dress, and M and S shoes.

When I went on holiday with dh pre-dc (I was pregnant) we were offered heroin.* Perhaps I'm few steps down the aspirational socio-fantasy than Fat Face ... grin

*True. The hippy-dealer types crowding around the station took one look at us and started offering to sell us smack. I was very shocked.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Thu 29-Aug-13 22:33:34

I'm currently wearing a pair of M&S cropped jeans which just look like denim pedal pushers, with a Joules shirt. I probably look like try-too-hard yummy mummy as there seem to be a glut of them round here that dress themselves and their kids head to toe in Joules.

I like Joules though. blush

thecatfromjapan Thu 29-Aug-13 22:35:42

I love being a John Lewis shopper. I'm idiot enough to think it says: "solid, dependable. The sort of woman who has a ready supply of tissues." Which is what I aspire towards. grin

williaminajetfighter Thu 29-Aug-13 22:36:21

Id say LKBennet also has a 'type' - uptight waspy girls who like Pippa Middleton, want to have some fun with some jackthelad but ultimately settle down with a banker.

Karen Millen - definite wag, bit of a Michelle Mone thing.

There is also a certain type of woman who shops at Links and those other stores selling matchy bracelets.

I imagine the girl who shops at next has a boyfriend who shops at next and they furnish their home from next. Delightful.

thecatfromjapan Thu 29-Aug-13 22:40:10

Rushy'swife perhaps it isn't an insult? Perhaps your friend thinks of you as sensible* and the type of person who holidays in Cornwall?

*sensible is, in my humble opinion, one of the great, unjustly under-rated and unrecognised, sexy qualities.

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:48:26

plus3 Yes i find the same and when I tell them its Boden (and its also quite often from ebay, so 2nd hand and cheap ) they say 'oh its ok for you, but I can only afford Primark, New Look etc' . Im not well off by any means but we dont have a Primark round here so I dont go there, but I do shop in H&M a lot , especially for their 'basics' scoop neck tops and cardis and also in sales for things like Mint Velvet clothes (and stuff from ASOS which I think is also great .. )
I think that if you are canny on ebay and look in charity and 50/50 shops you can dress imaginatively and often get something that will become a classic and so not be too much of a 'type'.. Accessories like nice scarves are also good to lift /posh up /change an outfit .. I love them.and look in sales for those (just bought a nice one reduced right down from from £75 from ASOS on a Mumsnet recommendation only this evening)

I'm still wearing Boden/White Stuff/ Fat Face/ etc from several seasons back and the youngsters at work often positively comment on what im wearing .

Oh shit I do sound smug here .. ) ill get my (Laura Ashley) coat grin

alemci Thu 29-Aug-13 22:50:51

I like john lewis too and house of fraser. good bargains plus odd bits of east and phase 8

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:53:51

I imagine the girl who shops at next has a boyfriend who shops at next and they furnish their home from next.


I work a lot with housing developers and Next is definitely ' Barratts show house' look .. . yes OK, I am a snob.. (my house is dead tatty)

Rushyswife Thu 29-Aug-13 23:00:47

Thanks thecatfronjapan I probably am a outwardly sensible ish person and I do love a holiday in Cornwall!

This thread has reassured me somewhat! Also made me want to do a spot of online bargain hunting!

Plus3 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:27:47

The assistant in white stuff once remarked on my top being vintage (snort)

Plus3 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:33:16

I am, btw, very sensible and nice and just back from Cornwall grin

I'm not really into 'fashion' but I know what I like. I do wonder though if sometimes I could do with a bit of a shake up.

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:35:55

plus3 you are not SamCam I hope .. grin

Laska42 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:38:41

....she's just had to come back from her Cornish holiday early I hear .. (unless he's left 'em there and come back on his own....)

Plus3 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:41:53

grin nope

DownstairsMixUp Thu 29-Aug-13 23:42:18

Yes, I shop in Primark because I am, indeed, tight/broke smile

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