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i need a shampoo that will wash my hair properly but wont make my scalp itchy.

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StephenFrySaidSo Wed 28-Aug-13 23:08:16

I've been using tresemme for a few years and have had an itchy scalp for just as long, for a while i put it down to the hair colour i was using so stopped using it but the itch continued. eventually i decided to try another shampoo, so i just lifted the first thing my eyes landed on in asda which was herbal essences, it took the itch away but didn't actually wash my hair properly and took two shampoos each wash and lots of it to even get a lather (my hair is a short bob and i was using about a full palmfull of shampoo!)

so what do i buy now?- I've gone back to tresemme just for the fact that it at least washes the hair but my scalp is sore and itchy again and it's getting unbearable.

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 11:57:10

thank you- im not going anywhere today so can leave the tgel on for a good while.

I've also tried cocnut oil in the past but couldn't get to grips with the right amounts or when to apply it.

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 11:59:13


i'm now getting ads along the side for SLS free products and seborrheic dermatitis oil!

Sleepyfergus Sun 01-Sep-13 12:07:19

Try Happy Hair Days shampoo/conditioner. Only sold in large Sainsburys though (as far as I am aware) and often on 2 for £5 offer. They are paraben and SLS free. The moisturising ginger and pomegranate is lush, lathers nicely and the smell lingers throughout the day (in a nice way iykwim!)

Noggie Sun 01-Sep-13 12:40:40

T gel sensitive has worked wonders on my itchy flaky scalpsmile

valiumredhead Sun 01-Sep-13 12:42:56

SLS free did nothing for me at all.

Pancakeflipper Sun 01-Sep-13 12:47:10

I second the Happy shampoo at Sainsburys.

I have a bathroom full of half used expensive stuff and this is the one I find reduces the itching. Apparently the conditioner has the SL thingies in it - so I was told.

I use a macadamia oil for conditioner ( I have dry wavy hair).

MoreThanWords Sun 01-Sep-13 12:55:25

Does anyone else find their itchy scalp is seasonal? Mine was horrendous at Easter time, clear all summer and is now getting scabby again. It really gets me down. I must have spent over £60 on all different shampoos and oils but I think it just clears up when it's ready confused

Pancakeflipper Sun 01-Sep-13 13:09:51

Yes between Feb and April it was driving me bonkers. It was so sore I couldn't go to the hairdressers for little scabs on my scalp.

MoreThanWords Sun 01-Sep-13 13:28:34

I would love to do something as drastic as shaving it all off just to sort it out with cream or whatever - I have thick hair and its the devils own job to get stuff through to the scalp. Trying cider vinegar at the mo and REALLY trying not to look for/pick at the scabby bits. Sorry, that sounds disgusting confused

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 01-Sep-13 13:30:26

Are you sure it's not the styling products you're using rather than shampoo and conditioner?

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 13:35:56

tbh i don't really use styling products. i used to use a heat protectant and a shine spray and also hairspray but I've stopped all that. for about 2 years i stopped even blowdrying my hair and i was using bicarb and ACV aswell but my hair just never flt clean and looked hideous tbh.

i will persevere with tgel and no conditioner and no styling products and see how i get on.

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 01-Sep-13 13:38:42

I always use t-gel when mine flares up by the way. You might need to use it a few times before it calms down.

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 13:40:47

thanks curly- that's good to know.

also- usually only wash my hair every 2-3 days- should i be doing it more often or less often? i don't think i could leave it longer- it gets really sore and itchy- and greasy.

GobblersKnob Sun 01-Sep-13 13:41:58

I LOVED the Happy Hair Days range, and recommended it on here, but after a while that started to make me itch too, on checking and googling the ingredients I found it has methylchloroisothiazolinone in, which is apparently a well known allergen.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sun 01-Sep-13 14:10:44

One thing that's just come back to me and has worked for me in the past - use olive oil overnight. Apply it to the dry scalp, protect your pillow with a folded towel, then wash out next morning. You need loads of shampoo applied to the dry hair - don't wet it first!

Or you can wrap cling film and a towel around your head and wash out after an hour or so.

I know it's yet another thing in a long list to try, but at least if it dosn't work you won't have forked out hard cash to try it out! Gives you loads of volume as well.

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 14:13:37

ok so olive oil on scalp overnight. in morning apply lots of (which?) shampoo to DRY hair and then rinse out with water?

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sun 01-Sep-13 17:40:10

Yes - well the shampoo I like is the Dead Sea Minerals one I mentioned upthread - but whatever one you're trying I suppose. I usually have to repeat the wash after rinsing.

StephenFrySaidSo Sun 01-Sep-13 17:47:57

that's great shotgun- thank you- i'm going to do it this evening.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 01-Sep-13 22:05:45

you need loreal navy bottle with orange lid with active selenium same stuff as selsun but only £4 a bottle. leaves my hair squeaky clean and scalp isn't itchy or flakey at all. smile

PickleTheWeasel Sun 01-Sep-13 22:28:38

I find coconut oil on my scalp overnight works really well (same method as mentioned up thread with olive oil) at getting rid of a dry scalp.

Also the Organix brand shampoo and conditioner (can buy in Boots, Waitrose, Superdrug etc) has no parabens or SLS or petrochemicals and has been helping for me.

I started using it a week ago after having been using a lush shampoo bar (which I discovered has SLS in it) and its making my scalp feel much better.

hugoagogo Sun 01-Sep-13 22:39:43

Tgel is crap.

Try allergenics it is reasonably priced, smells ok and sorted out my itchy head and scabby eyebrows when I was pregnant.

valiumredhead Sun 01-Sep-13 23:56:21

A lovely bunch-that'd the only thing apart from t gel that had worked in 20 years! I love the stuff and it's nice for your hair too. Completely itch and flake free!!

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