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Post pregnancy wardrobe ideas desperately needed...

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Wibblytummy Sat 24-Aug-13 23:58:48

Help me please!

To explain briefly I have a very diminished and useless wardrobe currently... I got married last year, spent the year before dieting. I dropped about 3 dress sizes down to a 14/16. Due to the wedding and planning a house move, I spent very minimal money on my new wardrobe as I lost the weight, what I did buy was mostly Primark and Tescos for quick cheap updates. I fell pregnant with DC2 literally on honeymoon 2weeks after the wedding. I scrounged through my old maternity gear (mostly too big) some of my larger clothes and a few ebay purchases in this pregnancy. The cheaper clothes are now tatty from over wear and I have very little that fits well and am feeling frumpy and despairing in my saggy knee'd leggings and bobbly cardigans...

So, with 2weeks till due date, I've been saving pennies up for a post pregnancy wardrobe update. I desperately need some ideas for a capsule wardrobe for a post pregnancy body that'll make me feel attractive/groomed again. I am planning to breastfeed and am guessing I'll roughly be an 18 to start with (I can get in this size non maternity now with a 9month bump) but hopefully back to my 14/16 over the next few months. Is this possible? I know the best thing to do, would be to wait a while till after the birth but my literal 3 outfits are hanging on by a thread as I binned/sold a lot of my larger clothes through the dieting.

Please any suggestions/ideas would be very welcome. I have about £150 tucked by for an online shop splurge. Thanks for reading my longwinded drivel and thank you in advance for any help offered!

StuckOnARollercoaster Sun 25-Aug-13 00:09:37

Watching with interest as I too need some new gear - mainly tops that won't end up out of shape after being pulled up fora breast feed but will still look elegant and not just a shapeless baggy jumper.
I used to like dresses but most are not bf compatible, but am not sure about whether a skirt will work as they tend to need fitted tops. I wish summer would carry on as the double vest top thing has been working but starting to need warmer outfits now...

Mosman Sun 25-Aug-13 01:22:55

Buy one out fit that you love and actually fits.
Then wear it to death until you're a 14 again.

Babouche Sun 25-Aug-13 10:25:27

I'm bf my 3rd who is 5m old and am back to pre-pregnancy weight & size,I haven't dieted or had time for exercise other than walking around pushing a buggy so yes,it is entirely possible to aim for your pre-preg size.It is tempting to rush out and buy a load of new stuff but I would do the shop in 2 stages.I bought a couple of pairs of new Primark jeans after about 3 weeks.They looked better than my maternity wear and it was before any of the old stuff fitted.Just having something new made me feel better even though my figure wasn't back to normal.I also bought a couple of nice scarves and bracelets to accessorise the inevitable 2 vest,jeans and drapey cardigan bf outfit.I like dresses but they didn't work for bf so I've been wearing a long navy maxi skirt (DP,about£20)instead,again with scarves/vests/jewellery.
So I would spend the money on plain basics and a couple of nice accessories,then a few months in when you are looking more like your old self buy a few more things in a smaller size so you always have clothes that fit.

Hopefully Sun 25-Aug-13 11:12:27

Don't know if it's helpful, but I did a blog post the other day on post natal/BFing capsule wardrobes. I don't want to be wrist slapped for linking, but I think there's a link to my blog in my profile, or PM me and I can let you know.

Totally feasible to be back in your normal size in a couple of months, but suppose it's best not to wander round in your knickers till then, so I would go for something v safe like leggings and tunics/shirts with layered vests underneath for access if BFing. New Look has two packs of leggings for £15 that look ok quality, and a handful of tops for another £50 could still leave you a chunk of money leftover for when you're back to pre-preg size smile

mrspaddy Sun 25-Aug-13 11:19:01

I don't know if thi he's but I bought a new pair of maternity jeans .. So sick of the one pair I have that are faded. They are under bump ones from new look. Hoping they will do the trick for two months or so. Then I got the two pack of nursing tops x 3 from H&m. I planning to we with longline cardis and scarves. All not very exciting but practical and not expensive.

mrspaddy Sun 25-Aug-13 11:20:07

This helps

EldonAve Sun 25-Aug-13 12:40:30 has some good suggestions

BabyMamaDrama Sun 25-Aug-13 19:08:37

DD is 9 weeks and for the first few weeks, I lived in leggings, jeggings and t-shirts. For the first week I was in PJs as I was still in hospital!
I'd wait until you're back to your pre-pregnancy size before you go too mad with clothes and just get a few things that you'll feel good and comfortable in!
Oh and you can never go wrong with a pair of Spanx (primark version for me). I had mine on about 3 weeks after birth...when I stopped feeling like I'd been booted down below. They instantly make you feel good smile

lilystem Sun 25-Aug-13 19:30:23

I'd second the plan of a 2 stage wardrobe.

I'm bf a 7 month old and I have worn the cheap M&S vests with a bit of lace to death. I can wear my normal cardigans over them, dead cheap so I can have a few as there is always a sick incident somewhere in the day!

Wibblytummy Tue 27-Aug-13 14:38:58

Oh thanks everyone! I haven't been able to pop on for a few days so have thrown myself in to nap time looking at all the ideas. I wish I could pull off accessories more but they've always been a near impossibility with my toddler. He is like a magpie for bangles, earrings, hair clips, necklaces... You name it. He'll nick it. So I guess I've always looked to the outfit mostly, but may try again now he is a little older, thank you.

There were some lovely wrap dresses in John Lewis over the weekend and I wondered if a couple of those with tights/leggings might do the job over the first few months and be a bit more forgiving to my changing shape. Although I always love the look of tights, after I have had to holster them back up for the thousandth time that day I usually get the hump!

Wibblytummy Tue 27-Aug-13 14:41:05

lilystem those look lovely. Do you know if they come up fairly long at all? I am fairly tall (5"9) and often struggle to find nice vest tops that don't end up sitting above the jeans and with half my boobs out on top when I keep puling them down!

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