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MN Vogue - Vol 19

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shopafrolic Fri 23-Aug-13 17:50:04

All welcome to talk style, beauty, fashion etc. Continuing on from here

MarshaBrady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:23:16

Ooh thanks Shop yes around that budget. Fabulous, think the Stella ones are my favourite, shame she doesn't do leather. Up to £150. I've just got to check out the Edelman boots first. Think they might make my feet look too big.

The molded heel is weird on these don't you think?

Haha Shop I'm right behind you (coat and pistols) grin

OneLittleLady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:26:36

My nails are currently deep purple with silver sparkles on the top. My sister keeps nagging me to grow them, she doesn't listen when I explain why I can't, she just keeps on about how much nicer they'd look if they were long. Have any of you seen the apparent new trend for filing nails to a point? Looks hideous

carrie74 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:26:49

Love the first Edelmans Marsha, but yes, heel looks v odd on second pair (and dare I say it, but a bit like something my MIL would wear).

MarshaBrady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:27:50

LOL scratch out. scratch out. No mil chic here!

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 21:28:25

Yup - don't like the moulded heel sorry. I did like the Edelman's we saw but may look quite big?
some more ideas here

carrie74 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:28:29

My nails grow, One, but I much prefer them short, I think short nails carry off colour much better than long ones. I also HATE hearing my nails clacking on my laptop at work. And yes, HATE the pointed trend at the moment, it would really annoy me, apart from looking horrible.

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 21:29:16


LinusDKD Fri 30-Aug-13 21:29:35

Yes marsha a pretty odd heel.

Thanks again shop!

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 21:29:52

Pointed are fake tips though surely. Too much like JessieJ for me!

MarshaBrady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:30:59

I feel like there is a shoe shortage. It's either pistol or bust these days. All the rest are copies anyway.

Or Marant dickers, ditto, but they look like they'd fall apart in a couple of days.

Hmm if I can't get anything will have to TRY and be patient!

In a couple of weeks my budget goes up.

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 21:32:40

You go barefoot and I'll eat baked beans Marsha £40 into the pot this month. Those Pistols will be mine by early 2014 grin

carrie74 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:32:54

marsha, got the black one of these last winter, and they're SO comfy (I'm really a flats girl, and can't walk in heels, but these feel flat on, it's tremaze):

Also still taken with the Horrigans:

Drywhiteplease Fri 30-Aug-13 21:32:55

Photos on MNV ! I like it....we've had Sleep's feet, Shop's

Great manicure shop, I like the pin thing......loveL'Occitane hand cream,polls dreamy and swear by OPI Nail envy.
Linus wooden orange sticks to correct smudges, I swear by them....and Jessica Pure Brilliance top coat.

Drywhiteplease Fri 30-Aug-13 21:34:06

Bloody predictive text "smells dreamy"

carrie74 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:34:44



Sorry, links fail

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 21:36:50

Mirars are good Marsha
mine have roughed up nicely

OneLittleLady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:38:12

Love the Mirar boots in the bordo grin

MarshaBrady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:41:52

Nice thanks Carrie and Shop. Ok Mirar could be a goer.

Dh just saw these J Crew flats over my shoulder. I think I invoked some sort of mil chic rant. Loathes them!

I could do with that J Crew store here now.

LinusDKD Fri 30-Aug-13 21:43:01

Well if we are doing piccies of our feet and hands, this is me trying on a pair of half price nude J.Choo heels (which I didn't buy)

This one's for you dry wink

MarshaBrady Fri 30-Aug-13 21:45:20

What gorgeous J Choos Linus

carrie74 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:47:06

Oh, I like those flats, Marsha (although haven't worked out if I can work slipper flats. I'm inclined to think they may look a little too...comfortable...on me).

linus, they're a bit nice, aren't they? Although I think I prefer the red flats cast aside to try on the nude grin.

Drywhiteplease Fri 30-Aug-13 21:47:32

Shoes on the sofa linus!!!!shock

Choos in the sofa linus grin

LinusDKD Fri 30-Aug-13 21:55:10

Hey, it wasn't my sofa (and the shop assistant suggested I put my foot up there so I could take a better picture)

<wails> They were absolutely gorgeous and a lovely nude for my very pale skin. But I had to choose between them and ankle boots, so I chose the Colts as I will get more use out of them.

OneLittleLady Fri 30-Aug-13 22:03:13

lovely shoes linus both the nude and the red flats. I really struggle with heels because I'm really a half size, a 4.5. I can get into a wide fitting four most of the time but usually have to wear fives as not enough stores do wide fitting. I avoid heels without straps otherwise they tend to fall off my feet and generally flap around making that flip floppy noise

shopafrolic Fri 30-Aug-13 22:06:10

Gorgeous Linus nice trousers too smile

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