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What the PomBear Do I wear to a Black Tie Dinner in Central London?

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nextphase Tue 20-Aug-13 20:27:54

OK, so this country bumpkin, usually found in jeans and teeshirt in her spare time, and has just been told the project she is working on has been shortlisted for an industry award, please can I go for a black tie dinner, Central London in Sept....

What do I wear? Full length? Or can I get away with shorter?

5"6, verging on obese, size 14 (in Next and M&S), got a waist at the top of my hips, and big norks (G). Empire lines are out, as are high necks.

Blue eyes, brown hair (frizzy - any ideas on what to do with it?), and generally look a state.

Budget: well, its never going to be worn again! £100 all in??? Shoes pretty much will be these but they have a line of gems along the edge, and are now died black - they are about the only heal I can walk in. I don't really do jewellery either, so will need most accesories... Maybe thats going to have to go up to £150??

Anyone want to help me out? Prefer not all black.

mummyonthewedge Tue 20-Aug-13 21:53:21

If you have time, maybe you should go to see a personal shopper somewhere like John Lewis? They will probably know what other people buy for that type of event (some personal shoppers also work freelance as stylists), and can work within your budget.

Perplexing Tue 20-Aug-13 22:00:11\ (bargain - but black) (over budget) (maxi - purple)

Perplexing Tue 20-Aug-13 22:00:37

Sorry... (bargain - but black) (over budget) (maxi - purple)

Perplexing Tue 20-Aug-13 22:02:56

Sorry Hobbs one may be no good due to bust size - but I liked the lace.

I think you can et away with shorter than full length if glam up with accessories - diamante chandelier earrings / sparkly clutch etc.

tethersend Tue 20-Aug-13 22:08:54

This is nice and would work with black shoes

nextphase Tue 20-Aug-13 22:11:10

Like that coast one!

Before posting I had a look through the occasion sections for e.g. Debenhams, and JL, and found hot pink but rejected it due to jersey material. Do you think I'd get away with it?

Not sure my hips would take the frill on that pepperberry one, but not though about looking there.

Perplexing Tue 20-Aug-13 22:15:38

Hmm when you said Jersey I thought 'I dunno' but that pink one is lovely and looks a lot smarter than you'd expect a jersey dress to look - could work.

(Pepperberry frill one worth a try on if possible. Know what you mean but I have hips and bought a similar Gok one last year - surprisingly flattering!)

nextphase Tue 20-Aug-13 22:18:31

Tethersend sorry, x-posts. Not convinced by the green, what about the pink similar one? Am guessing the blue is out with black shoes?
Is it really sad to say I've never heard of phase 8?

I'm going to need a little bag, aren't I?? What else haven't I thought of??

tethersend Tue 20-Aug-13 22:21:14

I almost linked to the blue, but remembered your black shoes- I hate navy and black, but some people are fine with it.

I hate the pink one, sorry.

Perplexing Tue 20-Aug-13 22:27:09

Bag -

nextphase Tue 20-Aug-13 22:30:06

phase 8 pink, or hobbs pink in my previous post? Or both grin

tethersend Tue 20-Aug-13 22:39:20

Hate phase eight pink one, the Hobbs one just leaves me unmoved.

Will have a look for pink...

tethersend Tue 20-Aug-13 22:40:47

Just linked to this on another thread which is a bargain IMO.

nextphase Wed 21-Aug-13 08:42:49

Yep, that is nice. I have a shift dress that colour.
Is it smart enought for black tie? - I;ll be one of the few women there, I suspect, so tucks will be atire of the majority.

Pink not essential, just happen to be the ones that have caught my eye!

tethersend Wed 21-Aug-13 09:30:46

this in blue is gorgeous if you can up the budget...

tethersend Wed 21-Aug-13 09:34:54

Could you get in a 12?

nextphase Wed 21-Aug-13 22:52:11

12, hahaha!
Nope, well and truely into a 14, may need a 16 in "true" sized shops.

I like the blue. Budget isn't about actual access to cash, so can be stretched. More about throwing away that sort of cash on a one night event stinginess

If I went for the blue lacy phase 8, could I wear something like grey or sliver flats with sliver chain and silver or navy bag?

Tempted or order that, your expensive blue, and perplexed maxi purple and try them on.

Thanks for all the suggestions flowers

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