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Clinique face wash - causing eczema?

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lollylaughs Tue 20-Aug-13 12:06:34

I usually use Clarins facewash but this time I bought Clinique as its a bit cheaper and quite highly rated. I have used it for 4 days now and today I have eczema on my face. From the corner of my mouth down to my jawline, just one line of eczema on each side.. Its so bizzare, it is nowhere else. I look like a toddler who has dribble food

I know I should have just asked for a sample and tried it, but it is unscented so I thought would be mild.

Has anyone used Clinique and had similar problems? I haven't changed anything else so I can only put it down to the facewash.

Allthingspretty Tue 20-Aug-13 13:06:24

If your skin has reacted then I would take it back to Clinique to be honest.

Yonihadtoask Tue 20-Aug-13 13:07:22

I don't always think that spending a lot equates with how it will affect your skin

I have in the past used some Clinique face products - the facial soap, the clarifying lotion and the moisturiser.

I found the soap okay. The clarifying lotion was like paint stripper though. I persevered with it, until my hairdresser friend told me she uses it to get hair dye off her hands...

So, it could be that it isn't as gentle as you thought, or just one ingredient has reacted.

Maybe let your skin heal, and try it less frequently?

Yonihadtoask Tue 20-Aug-13 13:07:52

allthings has a good idea.

Yonihadtoask Tue 20-Aug-13 13:14:46

I hadn't finished my post when the site went down.

I was going to suggest trying Cetaphil as a face wash.

It was recommended to me by a Dermatologist. It's very gentle, non -comedogenic and I believe is soap free. It doesn't dry out the skin -but feels clean after use.

Not so easy to find - Can get big double packs in Costco.

Boosiehs Tue 20-Aug-13 13:17:20

Clinique stuff is super harsh. I find Clarins much better, less harsh on skin.

ChunkyPickle Tue 20-Aug-13 13:23:09

DP has discovered that one of the preservatives sometimes used in bath products brings him out in dry, sore skin - doctor had tried him on all sorts of lotions and potions to fix it, but he noticed while on holiday that it suddenly cleared up, and that co-incidentally he was using a different brand of wet wipes. We came home, switched the wetwipes, shampoo etc, and his skin has cleared right up!

The one he has to avoid is called methyl... something... zolinone (long, there's a couple that are similar).

I read that it's a fairly common reaction to this preservative, and that the preservative is increasingly common.

Vintagebeads Tue 20-Aug-13 13:36:01

I have sensitive skin, and find clinique really quite harsh.

I used the thirst spray for my face and moisture surge and I looked like I had a chemical peel.

I am now using La Roche Posay and my skin has never looked better.

Allthingspretty Tue 20-Aug-13 13:36:21

Cetaphil is available at Boots in the Pharmacy area rather than the beauty area.

OP take it bavk to Clinique.

HellonHeels Tue 20-Aug-13 14:36:09

I'm always surprised by recommendations to use Cetaphil because it has SLS as an ingredient, which is known to cause reactions.

I find clinique skin care very harsh. Even the dramatically different moisturiser gave me a nasty reaction but I have annoyingly sensitive skin.

squoosh Tue 20-Aug-13 14:46:38

It's rare I find a Clinique skincare product I actually like, they are so harsh on poor old skin.

lollylaughs Wed 21-Aug-13 06:50:52

Thanks everyone. I have emailed Clinique directly and asked their suggestion (I hoping they say I can return it, but as I haven't had a reply yet I think I will just take it back to the store). How strange that you recommend Cetaphil. I have a sample of Gentle Cleansing Lotion and Moisturizing cream sitting on my desk which came out of a magazine. I think though, that I will just not use any product to wash with (just water and cloth) until it clears and then I will go back to my usual Clarins which I have never had a problem with. I was thinking that I would let dd use the Clinique face wash to use it up, but there is no way I will let my 11 yr old dd use it if it was so harsh on my skin. I didn't notice it but dh pointed out that I have eczema on the side of my neck (behind ear) as well which I didn't notice yesterday morning. It is terribly sore though...

missbopeep Wed 21-Aug-13 09:12:55

Just take it back and show them your face. They will refund -no problem.

peasandlove Wed 21-Aug-13 10:04:26

I used their wash off cleanser for oily skin once.. it made me break out. Havent touched any of their skincare range since

lollylaughs Wed 21-Aug-13 10:58:51

I just received an email back from them saying I should return the product, and i can exchange it for another Clinique product to the same value.............. I don't really want any other Clinique product tbh! Are they within their rights to do an exchange only and not a full refund?

missbopeep Wed 21-Aug-13 11:01:45

I don't know about 'rights' - yours or theirs- I think on balance you have a right to product which does what it is supposed to, but they perhaps legally are in the clear to do an exchange - but any company which is founded on the image of being allergy-tested and having sales asst in white lab coats should refund as a good will gesture.

CiderwithBuda Wed 21-Aug-13 11:06:41

I find Clinique very harsh too. Although I am using their CC cream at the moment and am liking that. Like a very light foundation and SPF 30.

squoosh Wed 21-Aug-13 11:12:04

Did you buy it in Boots by chance? They're good at doing cash refunds.

missbopeep Wed 21-Aug-13 11:12:05

Generally I am a fan of Clinique and use their moisturisers and foundations ( sometimes) but I never ever use a cleanser that you have to wash off simply because my skin is sensitive and reacts to hard water in this area.

They do evidently test their products on something like 600 women ten times each, and reformulate if there is one reaction, so it's rare for people to react.

I think Boots No 7 is equal in performance ( skin care) to some pricier brands and Clarins is full of perfume.

lollylaughs Wed 21-Aug-13 11:21:59

squoosh No im in SA but it is one of the bigger department stores, so i will go and see the consultant. If it is definitely replace only i will just have to get some make up instead (thinking i can go too wrong with eyeliner and such like - or maybe even the self tan).

Then back of to Clarins counter for what i wanted to get in the first place hmm. Expensive mistake!

lollylaughs Wed 21-Aug-13 11:24:47

missbopeep i haven't ever had a problem using the Clarins products, although you are right they are quite perfumed. I have not had eczema flare up since i was a teenager so this was quite out the blue and something in there really doesn't agree with me.

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