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This A/W I will mostly be wearing....

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scarlet76 Tue 13-Aug-13 23:18:11

my beloved skinny jeans
many striped tops
skinny fit cashmere
pencil skirts
lots of bird print
cigarette pants
animal print heels
neon pink
ankle boots
a parka

Come share with me what you will be mostly wearing

MickeyMouseHasGrownUpACow Wed 14-Aug-13 21:35:14

Skinnies in grey, indigo, teal and purple
Fine(ish) knit sweaters
Ankle boots/Ash hi-tops/leopard pointy flats
Black maxi skirt
Black peg legs
Print shirts
Parka/taupe 60s-style coat

I think I only need to get a parka and maybe a sweater or two as I have the rest. What I actually buy may be slightly different but I plan to be frugal this year!

Sconset Wed 14-Aug-13 22:12:11

remus Crew Clothing (a la TKMaxx) is J Crew, and there's no shipping duties to the UK now as they have European distribution anyway.
Crew is really good quality btw, I'd say better than Boden, but very £££ for Brits due to £ collapse- it was much better value 7 a few years ago.
DD has a lovely Crew sweater bought from TKMaxx just a month ago, really soft sweatshirt material, very cosy now it's gone a little colder.

jumper dresses- Sainsburys seem to have done really good ones for the last 2 or 3 years, not all polyester either.

I shall be wearing:
Tweedy trousers (last year's)
Grey wool Flannel trousers (as I have worn since time immemorial, as it's the only way I can keep warm)
wool knit tank tops over unironed crisp cotton shirts
navy blue Guernsey sweater with thin white stripes (boden SS13 sale)
Navy Lexington swingy skirt (boden ss13 sale)
Navy cigarette pants (are you seeing a theme here?)
Navy polo necked long-sleeved top
grey polo necked long-sleeved top
grey bedford cords (gap AW11)
Grey knit sweater dress
Navy knit sweater dress

I want-
pointelle long-sleeved layering tops of some description (DD has fabulous ones from JL and boden, and they're so toasty, I'm always envy)
new waterproof coat (feel in my bones this will be a wet winter)- bit of a desperate need really- have no waterproof coat of any description!
Some sort of dress- would like something perhaps with a print for work, to go over a pointelle top or polo neck, but also a new grey knitted sweater dress to replace the one my son bit clean through! hmm He was in a biting phase last winter, and ruined my favourite!
Would love to get slightly away from the navy/grey combo that forms 90% of my wardrobe - greens would suit me best I think (I think I'm a soft autumn- leafy, autumnal colours do seem to suit me)

Re Crew Clothing - I think it can't be J Crew because I Googled it and it has shops in the UK now, whereas J Crew don't. It looks more like a sort of old fashioned British knitwear sort of place.

Oh no re the bitten dress!

Sconset Wed 14-Aug-13 22:25:26

Ha- you're right about crew! J Crew is really good quality, and what I have bought DD is Crew Clothing- but it is really lovely quality!

The jumper I saw in TK Maxx was gorgeous and looked good quality, but I can't be faffed with handwashing.

InMyShreddies Wed 14-Aug-13 22:28:07

Navy dresses from Hush and Me and Em
Charcoal sweater dress from Hush
Black opaques
Black riding boots - Kurt Geiger via Shoeaholics
Black heeled ankle boots - Carvela via Shoeaholics
Becksondergaard scarves - aubergine star print and navy/teal leopard print
Missoni scarf - blues
J Brand taupe skinnies
Topshop navy duffle coat - LOVE
Navy dolman sleeve merino jumper - Uniqlo
Hot pink jumper - Next sale last boxing day

Yet to buy - charcoal lambswool jumper from M and S men's section, and some more skinny jeans in a mid blue. And a chunky but plain silver bangle.

Dancergirl Wed 14-Aug-13 22:36:19

Dark indigo skinnies
Dark indigo straight leg jeans
Grey Zara jersey blazer
Much loved Mint Velvet brown leather biker jacket
Striped jersey tops
White or grey Boden Henley
White stuff navy suede wedge ankle boots
Knitted dresses with thick tights
Hush long vests for layering
Skirts with Hobbs black leather boots

Sconset Wed 14-Aug-13 22:36:26

My washing machine has a handwash cycle, so I guess I'd do it in that. Was it a grey jumper??? I have such a love of grey! I'm so boring... grin

DipMeInChocolate Wed 14-Aug-13 22:39:27

I want:
A knee length wool green coat
A chocolate brown leather biker jacket (with collar)
Dark brown ankle boots with heel
Navy / Khaki trousers
Some orange/red/green tops/jumpers
Brown chunky cardi

It was v pale grey cable knit. No handwash cycle on our ancient machine!

In fact, here it is full price I think it was £25 in TK Maxx.

Sconset Thu 15-Aug-13 00:02:49

ooh- that's very nice isn't it? I love cotton sweaters actually. Might pop in tomorrow after work then, thanks! (was it with knitwear?) <looks down at pale grey vneck I'm wearing> um... can I justify another grey knit? grin

theresmoretolife Thu 15-Aug-13 00:05:15

Slim cords
Slim jeans
Denim skirt
Striped t shirts
Fine knit jumpers
Ankle boots
Big scarves and an even bigger parka
All in an array of grey, pink, purple and teal/green

CerealMom Thu 15-Aug-13 08:18:18

Boiled wool jackets/cardies
'Old lady' silk scarves
Boots - Welles and leather.

Just need my dream car - Morris Minor Traveller and I'm there...

BeingMoreDog Thu 15-Aug-13 08:50:33

The Perfect Coat (when I find it) along with flat riding boots or ankle boots (also to be found).
Slim jeans, layered tops - breton stripy T/denim shirt, merino knits, beads. And I really want this, but think I'll look a dick.

BeingMoreDog Thu 15-Aug-13 08:51:48

oh, and this tweed jacket perhaps.

SilveryMoon Thu 15-Aug-13 09:03:43

I really need to get myself clothes shopping.
Lots of skinny jeans here. I am a larger size (18 and 5ft 11) and mostly wear black trousers and baggy tops which make me look a lot bigger than I am, so if you don't mind, will be keeping a close eye on this thread to inspire a new look?
Any tips much appreciated smile

AnxiousAugusta Thu 15-Aug-13 09:21:05

Mum boots
Bootleg jeans

Love the idea of shopping for a Morris Minor alongside a new wardrobe. smile

Silvery - it would be worth starting a new thread, so your questions don't get lost on here. In the meantime, are you looking for mostly work stuff or casual?

SilveryMoon Thu 15-Aug-13 10:32:01

Thanks Remus maybe I will. Work is casual so don't necessarily need 2 separate wardbrobes wink

amessagetoyouYoni Thu 15-Aug-13 12:36:39

Abandoning skinny jeans this season for slim/straight legs. Need to find my perfect pair, though....hmmm...

I'll be wearing lots of pretty pairs of tights underneath fitted dresses, with shexy, tarty black over the knee boots (Boo Hoo have some wicked rip off Lanvin ones!).

Gonna go glam and femme this season. Summer fashion was so lack lustre and shapeless in the UK this year.

I really want a fabulous, swishy, luxe coat.

Sconset Thu 15-Aug-13 21:18:03

CerealMom- I love your look!

Bumblequeen Fri 16-Aug-13 08:57:20

The clothes I bought in 2012! I do not buy a new wardrobe whenever the seasons change. I bought two coats last years, a pair of boots and a few bits. I too like autumn. I have not quite mastered the art of layering and looking stylish. Some women do it so effortlessly. A bigger budget would help.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Fri 16-Aug-13 09:49:03

Snoods in oxblood and grey
Cashmere gloves in raspberry and grey (johnstons)
Grey 'knobbly' pearls, embarrassingly I don't know what they are actually called...(vintage)
Tea dresses in a multitude of colours (Topshop, vintage, ASOS)
Black cropped leather biker jacket
Chunky grey scarf (ASOS)
Burberry Pink Azalea lipstick
Ankle boots in grey and black (Autograph at M and S!)
Lots of opaque tights in black and oxblood (Falke)
Navy stud sleeve coat (Zara, very last year but I don't care!)
Maxi skirts in peach and black
Blouses in cream, soft blue and mustard

Luckily these are things I already have, though I'd like a faux fur hat and a cashmere cardigan if funds will allow.

Always - you have just reminded me of my gorgeous cashmere wrist warmers, my very favourite item of A/W attire!

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