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MN Vogue - Vol 18

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shopafrolic Tue 13-Aug-13 20:50:01

Continuing on from here

noviceoftheday Tue 13-Aug-13 22:21:24

Ooh that cardi is lovely one. <Sits on hands and gets back to finishing tax return>

I love dresses like that Santa unfortunately they don't like me so I tend to give them a wide berth!

Mig, I will let you know about the restuarant, you totally guessed that it is very much in dh's taste. Say MEAT in a deep voice. grin. His card arrived today, I am well pleased, I only made it yesterday!

OneLittleLady Tue 13-Aug-13 22:23:51

I love that dress too santa but again, the neckline is wrong for me plus I'm too poor to buy it grin

santamarianovella Tue 13-Aug-13 22:27:55

liberty one of the reviews said that she like the medium fit better and she is my weight 120 pounds, so thought its best to go with medium. The sizes are very small

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Tue 13-Aug-13 22:30:36

Holy mother! I loved the sweater shop pinned, but guessed it would be mucho pesos. Plus it's probably not the right choice for a woman with two excitable terriers, prone to leaping into the arms of unsuspecting victims. Imagine getting pulls/spiky terrier hairs in it shock

santamarianovella Tue 13-Aug-13 22:34:16

novice i need to grow in height to pull of the temperely dress.

LinusDKD Wed 14-Aug-13 06:06:32


Lovely links last night, especially that Temperley dress.

santa I hope you managed to pack! Enjoy your holiday!

Our holiday has come to an end so we are packing up this morning stuffing everything in suitcases and bags and then we are starting the long drive home.

Sleeping in my own bed tonight, yay!

What's a good road trip outfit? wink

QueenCadbury Wed 14-Aug-13 07:50:56

Morning all. I never did catch up properly with the last thread. Hope you are all well. It's exhausting having guests, I have to be sociable every night and talk instead of play on my iPad grin.

I need to start packing for Cornwall but the weather's so changeable I am going to have to pack for all eventualities. I've been naughty and ordered a couple of things from gap whilst I was ordering tees for dh. Will link in a minute but will post this first in case I lose it!

QueenCadbury Wed 14-Aug-13 08:11:09

So I put myself on a spending ban until October but decided that I didn't have enough tops to wear on holiday ( I hate washing on holiday so like to have enough). On Friday when I pack I'll think properly whether I really need them or not.
white tee. Tried this on briefly as really like it. It's probably a keeper as the sleeves are down to my elbows so will be good with cardi in AW too and I had already decided that I needed a white tee.

star tee. I like this but don't really need it so may go back.

grey trousers. They're described as blue but are actually grey. These khakis suit me as I need some bagginess in trousers rather than too slim/skinny. I haven't tried them on yet though as they're got neon green contrast stitching on the inside seam which you see when they are rolled up and this annoys me.

I think foxy said the other day that we met to swap some trousers and dress. She was looking super stylish in ZK tee and cargo trousers. The dress she gave to me is a gorgeous emerald colour but skater style flared skirt and I can now categorically say that that shape does me no favours! My hips looked huge. Such a shame as had it been a straighter skirt it would have been perfect.

noviceoftheday Wed 14-Aug-13 08:54:09

Morning all!

QueenC, nice links. I was on a thread a couple of months ago where I was totally in the minority. I pack a different outfit for each day, including bikinis. When would I wear all my summer stuff??!!shock

We do our now annual centre Parcs trip next week. I shall be in Forest chicgrin dh has decided he doesn't want to go away after Christmas this year so our next holiday will be early April. I am trying to book it this week. We're looking at Turkey. Dh briefly turns into a knob when we're booking hols. There are those who continue to holiday as if the kids weren't there and I wish I was that capable but sadly not. So this years argument is I just want to go straight to our destination (Antalya) and he wants to do a 2 day stop off on Istanbul. he forgets that ds will be a nightmare on the flight.angry

noviceoftheday Wed 14-Aug-13 08:55:27

Ps QueenC don't do spending bans! They're like diets, hard to stick to!

noviceoftheday Wed 14-Aug-13 08:58:57

Oh and last one.....

I have been repeatedly reminded of a comment on the legendary bag thread over the last week. Someone claimed that others don't notice what I wear and implied I was odd for noticing. My point was that even though the majority of my colleagues are men, they notice and comment all the time. Last week I wore my new beautiful ornate silver watch 3 times. Each week, I had a compliment, every single one was from a man. <smug>

shopafrolic Wed 14-Aug-13 09:16:22

Just dropping in to point out that I can in no way afford that jumper myself. Just dreaming. Last night here tonight. Phew.

foxysocks Wed 14-Aug-13 09:17:12

oof, that bag thread. it was horrible. the thing is, although we all love fashion/clothes chat I don't believe there is one person on MNV who believes they are defined by what they wear, or that material possessions = happiness. you are a good person, novice. that is always the most important thing. x

loving all the chunky knits. I have a couple of great knitted dresses, I adore wearing them with opaques and boots once the weather turns.

I asked this re: boots on the other thread but it got lost, so forgive me for repeating myself - do you guys think it's too early to choose/order winter boots??! I'm not sure I can bring myself to a. pay full price, which everything is atm, or b. commit myself to a pair in AUGUST shock. but what if they sell out?!


Dauphin Wed 14-Aug-13 09:17:13

Mignonette - I read Justine Picardie's Chanel biography and enjoyed it immensely.

Dauphin Wed 14-Aug-13 09:17:58

novice - spending band are indeed tricky to stick to (urghh)...

Drywhiteplease Wed 14-Aug-13 09:28:04

Novice people do notice, what a load of nonsense on that stupid thread!

I often think im on holiday with the wrong family shock, DH (Ray Mears) likes "activities" which my teens love, i like sunloungers and books (id love a holiday that requires me to wear a beach cover up and fedora a la Joan Collins wink ) but walking,biking, boat rides praying i dont throw up and horse riding soz Grumpy but im an arse on a horse grin what the hell is coasteering??DH is planning this and kayaking noooooooooo
At least it keeps me fit! And I'm a fidget and pale so perhaps sunloungers aren't for me!

Santa I agree that the Temperley
knitted dress is a gorgeous outfit that thanks to you lot I'd wear, even the trousers now. But shop when you wear chunky knits that drown me,but I love don't you boil ? Or do you just strip off inside? Have a cold house? Stay outside?

Oneif the uni isn't too far couldn't you just go there ?

Drywhiteplease Wed 14-Aug-13 09:34:12

Mig apologies I mixed up Justine Picardie with Jodie Picoult ! Picoult's books are always a bit traumatic.realized I must have made absolutely no spence at all yesterday.

McNally Wed 14-Aug-13 09:38:03

Dry I have the same approach to you re holidays. Sun lounger and books and magazines and refreshing cocktail all the way. But think of the calorie burn for those activities!

Foxy I think you should buy the boots. You'll likely need them before they get reduced and this way you'll be prepared (speaking as someone whose wardrobe is littered with emergency purchases - including boots bought after going away for the weekend in heavy snow with only ballet flats and no socks, DH had to practically carry me to the nearest shoe shop).

MarshaBrady Wed 14-Aug-13 09:46:29

Foxy I usually do very early or late in sales. I do a few things full price and think ok may as well get the most out of it and be first too. So I think as early as you like if not in the sales.

Then mid end season I don't like to pay fp.

So that is a long-winded way to say go for it!

foxysocks Wed 14-Aug-13 09:49:51

thanks mcnally. am am going to think about it a little longer but may order in time for the new school year!

dry re: chunky sweaters I have a reasonably cold house. we keep it at around 18 if possible during winter, boosting very occasionally if we are inside and not moving around a lot. i do not like overheated houses AT ALL, I grew up in one and found it terrifyingly claustrophobic. am a fresh air addict so am always opening windows to air the rooms and telling DH to put a flipping jumper on instead of saying he's cold when only wearing a tshirt!

QueenCadbury Wed 14-Aug-13 09:54:42

novice I put myself on a ban so that I can justify spending in London grin. I kind of felt that I had to show some 'fiscal responsibilitY' to dh (his favourite phrase when he's banging on about money!). Anyway, tried on the white tee again and decided against it as it's very slouchy but could easily go mis-sharpen when washed and look crap (too many tees have been binned this year because of this ). The star tee got the approval of dd though so I'm wearing it today (not sure why I need the approval of a 7yo!). Love the grey trousers and you can hardly see the green stitching but not sure I will wear them enough to justify. Will ponder.

foxy it's a difficult one. I'm guessing not all the boots are out yet so you may find some that you like better. If you're sure though that these are the boots for you then commit and get them. Where are they from? Will you have 28 days to change your mind by which point it'll be mid sept and most will probably be in the shops by then. I may not get excited about shoes but I can get excited by boots. I'm after a heeled navy pair for going out in. Not too high as we walk a lot when we go out but high enough to be smart with jeans. I have my eye on a couple of pairs but am not going to link in case lurkers buy them grin.

Annianni Wed 14-Aug-13 10:23:34

Order the boots Foxy... I've bought 3 pairs for A/W grin

But in my defence, I only bought new Uggs last year.
I did also buy bowie's and bea's but they ended up being ebayed.

I agree with Marsha, if you buy them early enough in the season, you'll get lots of wear out of them.

I've ordered the Collonil spray and gel for my boots.
Should probably do my bags too.

mignonette Wed 14-Aug-13 10:26:03

Hi Guys. I lost you all for a bit as couldn't find this new Vol (panic averted)

Love those pants Queen. I do love a Gap cut.
Dry The Picardie Grief books is quite traumatic too.
One Keep an eye out for clearing. You may strike lucky that way. They should give you feedback but it is such a hectic time that you may have to wait a bit.

Here are my picks of the day - The new Smythson bag from the upcoming Panama Range;

Rosamund Pike designed this bag for L K Bennett.

Lovely Handcream in great packaging.

Ultra cool sandwich bags for either us or our kids;

Bought these Kidston PJ's for stepdaughter and this blanket for other stepdaughter as all three of them have birthdays in the same week;

And finally this Stella T is £75 on the main website. Lots of sale reductions on there.

OneLittleLady Wed 14-Aug-13 10:27:07

dry you are right, the uni isn't far from me so in theory I could just rock up and ask them face to face. I'm a little worried that might be seen as an aggressive move though.

Annianni Wed 14-Aug-13 10:36:44

Oh and if anyone is looking for a whole body workout, i can recommend sanding the floor with a hand held sander... I'm still aching all over today!

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