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Autumn 2013 Ankle boots

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Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 17:25:16

Ok, wise women of Style and beauty. Autumn ankle boots to see me through winter. I am a teacher so something to go with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans that have a bit of a heel but are comfy. Are the same styles in again this year or something new? Kinda thinking of something like this
Clarks Moonlit Cool I know, what a cliche, Clarks for a teacher, but they are so comfy..... Open to any ideas and thoughts!

Mrsrobertduvall Sun 11-Aug-13 18:05:19

I like those.
A shame they don't do them in my size...their size 9 is too small for me.

foxysocks Sun 11-Aug-13 19:04:21

i quite like those, but would probs prefer something a bit more edgy. i don't know your style though! and they do look comfortable and versatile.

I have two pairs of ankle boots so don't plan to buy more this year. mine are these and these

Loveleopardprint Sun 11-Aug-13 19:53:54

What age children do you teach. I work with a Reception child and would avoid suede as I think it would rub as I crawl around the floor! Also you can wipe paint, snot etc off leather.

If you teach older children please ignore the above wink

rootypig Sun 11-Aug-13 20:03:44

I think brown suede feels a bit dated suddenly. But if you're not a fashion slave, ignore me! Those ones are nice and will go with everything. And I do love Clarks.

If choosing I would go for leather, black, and totally flat - something like the COS Chelsea boot or Boden Urban Biker, which I'm about to order squeee grin. To be paired with woolly socks in warm colours.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 20:49:52

I teach 8-9 year olds, so hopefully a little less snot etc. Foxysocks, love both of the boots - I have a biker boot so I'm looking for something a little tidier IYKWIM, love the Ash jalouse.
See, with my Clarks boot, the black is a shiny black. If it were a suede black I'd be buying them hot off the marks. I do like the camel colour boots too, but they don't fit my purpose so that leaves me with the brown suede.

trippleM Sun 11-Aug-13 20:55:18

I bought these last year and they are so comfy, even though I'm not really a heels person. They are still in great condition after having been worn nearly every day in all weathers,size:

primallass Sun 11-Aug-13 21:01:27

I managed to find another pair of these. I already have a semi-battered pair. They are from a couple of years ago.

I also have mini Bailey Uggs (shoot me now) and a pair of Kensington Uggs that will be getting Ebayed as they are too small.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 21:29:34

I have Kensington Uggs as well, they have gotten great use, though I did have to size up, so they look like boats on my feet - nothing dainty about them but they are a real utility boot!!

Twinklestein Sun 11-Aug-13 22:20:29

You know what OP I actually prefer your Clarks boots to the Ash boots linked. I also prefer them to the Cos Chelsea & the Boden biker... I'd never have thought they were Clarks they look like Vic Matie'..

finlaysmum12 Sun 11-Aug-13 22:40:57

MoreThanWords Sun 11-Aug-13 22:50:27

TK Maxx have got some lovely ankle boots in at the mo (online).

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 22:51:06

Thanks Twinklestein. I got the Mascarpone knee high boots a few years back and lived in them, they were so comfortable and these seem to be the same shape/height heel. I'm very tempted....
finlaysmum12, I saw those and did consider them, but I don't like the sole being a different colour. Not fussy at all then.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 23:02:07

Morethanwords, gosh they do have some nice boots in at the mo....I could be tempted for a second pair there....the SixtySeven black boots look like a steal for £30, leather too....hmmmm....

MoreThanWords Sun 11-Aug-13 23:48:40

Yes, wish I had bought those when I first saw them - now out of stock in my size I think hmm

ZaraW Mon 12-Aug-13 01:06:49

My Acne Pistol boots are great, expensive but have had them for three years and still going strong.

ShoeWhore Mon 12-Aug-13 05:36:30

I've got these ones from office and I love them.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:40:00

I like them - no idea about suede feeling dated. Boots like this are pretty standard in styling - the important thing is the cut of the shoe and it's impossible to tell what that's like from a pic.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:44:35

I like them - no idea about suede feeling dated. Boots like these are pretty classic now - the important thing is the cut of the shoe and it's impossible to tell what that's like from a pic.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:45:08

Oops! grin

jimjamspam Mon 12-Aug-13 09:40:05

These are a bargain & very comfy

primallass Mon 12-Aug-13 10:30:02

I stalked these all last year waiting for them to be reduced. I think I'll have to give in and try them on. Maybe in the tan however. Can't decide.

QueenQueenie Mon 12-Aug-13 11:02:51

FOXYSOCKS, (or anyone else who has them), are the "wood ash" colour Jalousie boots grey? or are the "blue / brown" as the Ash site describes them... They look grey, I want them to be grey!

dirtyface Mon 12-Aug-13 11:08:03

i bought these beauties yesterday

think they might be a bit marmite though tbh grin

missmartha Mon 12-Aug-13 11:32:23

I like Clarks Morgan Carla boots at the mo. The haven't got a heel though.

The brown are particularly nice.

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