nicer than birkies imho

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Tutter Tue 13-Jun-06 13:04:35

are these and these , both arrived yesterday and are v lovely. i have a pair of birkies upstairs but rarely wear them as i think they make my feet look ugly.

does anyone actually think birkies are flattering...?

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Cod Tue 13-Jun-06 13:05:00

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Tue 13-Jun-06 13:06:16

I love the first pair but I don't do toeposts.

I don't care if my Birkies are flattering

nailpolish Tue 13-Jun-06 13:06:37

i am a size 2.5 and i wear them cos they are therefore small and dont flap about like flippers

i dont like the first ones

i like the second ones, more girly

next have nice pink sparkly and girly ones

Tutter Tue 13-Jun-06 13:07:54

np you might fit my havaianas (see make-up thread) (?)

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GDG Tue 13-Jun-06 13:08:10

aRRRGGGGGGHHH - not toeposts?! Nope - nobodys feet look nice in those.

Birkies nicer imo

Next Tue 13-Jun-06 13:08:23

Like the white ones


harpsichordcarrier Tue 13-Jun-06 13:08:37

no I don't do toeposts either marthamoo, they make me feel faintly queasy.
I do like Birkies in principle but was rather talked out of it by the Power of Mumsnet
oh and my friend who asked me if I wanted to look like a sapphic German geography teacher

Medulla Tue 13-Jun-06 13:08:51

Nah i think I'll stick to my Birkies. Haven't taken them off for days!!

Next Tue 13-Jun-06 13:09:11

toe posts are ok!!

harpsichordcarrier Tue 13-Jun-06 13:09:20

blimey nailpolish 2.5? wow how very dainty you must be

marthamoo Tue 13-Jun-06 13:09:37

I am a Woman in Comfy Shoes.

Greensleeves Tue 13-Jun-06 13:09:39

what are "footbed shoes"?

BonyM Tue 13-Jun-06 13:10:13

Birkies are ugly.

The white ones you linked too aren't too bad though.

oliveoil Tue 13-Jun-06 13:10:20

Birkies are fabulous

They go with everything and don't hurt your feet

No to rip off versions!

BonyM Tue 13-Jun-06 13:10:24


fullmoonfiend Tue 13-Jun-06 13:10:31

like the white ones very much - but am horrified at the 'customers who bought these also bought...' section at the bottom. Bllleeuurrgghhh

nailpolish Tue 13-Jun-06 13:12:29

can anyone wear scholl or similar wooden shoes without getting aching calves

mine are killing me

nailpolish Tue 13-Jun-06 13:13:16

fullmoon - god you a re right!

what a hideous lineup

NomDePlume Tue 13-Jun-06 13:14:36

I hate wooden shoes. Not natural surely ? Your foot is MEANT to be flexible, how can heavy rigid soled shoes be of benefit ?

nailpolish Tue 13-Jun-06 13:15:29

i cant work it out either ndp

i think they are too big for me

byut they are scholl

Enid Tue 13-Jun-06 13:16:08

scholls are excercise sandals

thjey are meant to excercise your calves like taht

NomDePlume Tue 13-Jun-06 13:16:30

they look gross too, nearly always seen on women with very cracked, dirty feet <bleugh>

NomDePlume Tue 13-Jun-06 13:16:58

piss my pants @ 'exercise sandals'

nailpolish Tue 13-Jun-06 14:44:49

well im stopping wearign them

at this rate my calves will be like dame kelly's


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