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Good places to buy jeans if you have a small bum?

(13 Posts)

Fat face. Honestly. Cut for apples, often with detailing on back pockets to balance.

nilbyname Fri 09-Aug-13 07:17:05

I have no bum, slim legs and no waist and I find river island jeans are best on me.

beeny Thu 08-Aug-13 23:11:43


rubylovesshopping Thu 08-Aug-13 23:07:58

Me too! Baxters seem great for large bums too!!

tywysogesgymraeg Thu 08-Aug-13 18:37:00

Man, I wish I had that problem!blush

Dancingqueen17 Thu 08-Aug-13 18:34:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notamumlolumz Thu 08-Aug-13 18:18:46

Thank you all for replying! I will try out all your suggestions x

Hetaera Thu 08-Aug-13 10:52:55

I can never get my bum in Miss Selfridge jeans, particularly the petite ones! blush

If you have a bit more money to spend, Siwy jeans have a very subtle quilted back pocket and curved back yoke to add a bit more of a curve. Amazon have a reasonable selection at the moment.

RonaldMcDonald Wed 07-Aug-13 23:06:06

Baxters are great
levi mens skinny are good ime..depends on your legs
levis slight curve straight are also good for me

goodasitgets Wed 07-Aug-13 22:41:33

M&S 5 pocket jeggings work on me
Honestly with my boobs I would have thought I'd have an ass to balance them out, but no angry

fengirl1 Wed 07-Aug-13 22:38:56

I have a small bum and have just bought a pair of Baxter jeans from Topshop which fit well. smile

Roshbegosh Wed 07-Aug-13 22:17:01


notamumlolumz Wed 07-Aug-13 22:13:19

My pancake bum makes buying jeans very hard as a lot of them sag confused so any suggestions would be much appreciated x

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