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I think I need flippers

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Icelollycraving Tue 06-Aug-13 23:10:31

Right,style gurus,I need your help. I am a size 6 shoes. Since having ds I can't wear heels at work & so have been wearing ballet flats & boots for the last year.
I have just started a new job. I have to wear structured shoes,with a heel. Not a high heel but some kind of visible heel.
I used to be able to wear such pretty shoes but couldn't find a single pair that fits. My feet appear to be so wide now but wide fits flap around my heel & instep. I can spend up to £100 for a really nice pair of shoes. I tried Russell & Bromley,m&s,next,monsoon,geox,Aldo.
I will wear with skirts,dresses & trousers. Ideally I need two pairs but can't even find one.

ProjectGainsborough Tue 06-Aug-13 23:27:21

Have you tried Ecco? My MIL has arthritic feet but still manages to look stylish and swears by them.

GreenSkittles Wed 07-Aug-13 14:18:27

My wide fit go-to's are New Look and Evans. I know they aren't the smartest of shops but you could give them a go.

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