Taming toddlers curls...

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mum2sam Mon 12-Jun-06 19:09:54

Please do not shoot me im just asking . My 20mth has lovely curls but his hair has really grown and his curls are started to frizz and look a bit of a mess. He refuses to have his hair cut even though hes had done 4 times already but the last two times ive took him he wouldnt keep still and the hd wouldnt do it.

I would do it myself but its got too long. The thing is weve got a wedding to go to and i was wondering whether there is any child friendly products i could use just to make him a little more presentable and to tame them done a bit. The only thing ive been doing is spraying it with water. I spend all my time trying to get my hair straigh so no nothing about managing curls.

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Medulla Mon 12-Jun-06 19:11:37

What about trying the detangling sprays for children. My daughter used to have long hair (until she cut it a couple of weeks ago and I found them to be so useful.

zoeuk1 Mon 12-Jun-06 19:15:08

i think you might have to use a product on it. the only other thing is maybe a tiny bit of baby oil to stop the frizz. put it on when its dry in really really tiny amounts on the frizzy bits.

Spagblog Mon 12-Jun-06 19:19:52

My DS is 2 and has a mad mop of curls. I have to use frizz ease!

QE Mon 12-Jun-06 19:24:03

We ought to have a curls competition!! ds4 has beautiful blond curls which he has just had cut for the first time. Glad to say they are all coming back though!

I would say product is your best bet if he won't have it cut. There is a detangler one by loreal for kids.

Does anyone's curly haired ds get mistaken for a girl like mine btw??

zoeuk1 Mon 12-Jun-06 19:27:38

my ds get mistaken for a girl all the time. he doesnt have curly hair though just long. he loves it and wont have ot cut and i think he looks really cool!

FlameBoo Mon 12-Jun-06 19:31:46

My boy (DS2) has gorgeous curls too

when he wakes in the morning he looks like a mini einstein tho with all the frizz etc.

I have never used any products on his, normally just water spray or I bath him to freshen them up, but at the moment I am finding that our malibu sunspray (tis an oil spray) is doing a fab job of getting his curls to tame. I spray his head each morning as he is a nightmare at keeping a cap on at nursery (unless he is nagged lots ) and he also has thin hair too which he burns thro!



mabel1973 Mon 12-Jun-06 19:35:07

I have also been putting sun cream in DS's hair as he won't wear a hat, I have to say it does seprate his curls out a treat and makes him look less like a mad professor!

psychomum5 Mon 12-Jun-06 19:37:17

And that wasn't flameboo...was psychomum

serves me right for not checking who was last on MN on my pootah

ja9 Mon 12-Jun-06 19:41:54

sun cream in his hair? really? is that to protect it from the sun? i've never heard of that before...

littlelamb Mon 12-Jun-06 20:00:53

I second the loreal detangler recommendation. I think it was someone here who told me about it originally. My dd wakes up with mad professor hair that literally grows upwards, and a few sprays of this and a quick brush and it looks lovely.

bubblez Mon 12-Jun-06 20:09:53

my dd has frizzy curly hair also but i use beautiful beginins leave in conditioner with detangler.

Legacy Mon 12-Jun-06 20:28:15

Try some clippers on No. 6 setting.... that should sort him out.... (sorry - hate boys with long hair... )

mum2sam Mon 12-Jun-06 21:08:09

lol didnt realise that there were so many boys with long curly hair. Yes ds often used to get mistaken for a girl i was told he was a very pretty boy to dh horror. He gets called curly top all the time and people always say how cute his curls are if only they could see him first thing in the am lol. Do you just spray the cirls and scrunch them? Is the detangling spray to be used on dry or wet hair?

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littlelamb Mon 12-Jun-06 21:26:15

you can use the spray on wet or dry hair- i only tend to use it on dry though, as there is no point spraying it on before bed considering the state it always is in the mornings!

mum2sam Mon 12-Jun-06 22:38:57

Thanx guys for the advice

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arfishymeau Tue 13-Jun-06 12:54:31

This is the perfect thread to point out that a friend turned up on Saturday, with her 3 yo DD and her my little pony - complete with hairbrush and detangling spray.


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