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Do you wear wellies in the city when it's pouring?

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Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 09:56:27

Because I do but no one else seems to - they are all getting wet shoes. I do look a bit silly though, especially as the wellies have butterflies on.

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 16:41:03

noobie I have never associated wellies with sweat!

I do have a good pair of waterproof winter boots, but they're fur lined and far too warm for a rainy summer's day. Naoko my wellies are not even slightly uncomfortable. I think I just secretly like wearing wellies and being able to splash through puddles grin

Missbopeep Mon 05-Aug-13 17:18:38

I've seen lots of very smart women wearing wellies in central London- but they are the shiny black patent type a bit like Hunters, but not IYSWIM.

noobieteacher Tue 06-Aug-13 13:16:25

Do their feet go 'squelch' as they walk?

Keztrel Tue 06-Aug-13 14:15:36

My feet don't get squelchy or sweaty after a couple of hours in wellies noobie - do yours? I know they're not breathable like leather but they're fine for a while...

Elsiequadrille Tue 06-Aug-13 14:16:43

Yes, definitely.

lesleyb1990 Thu 08-Aug-13 22:13:06

Yes I do, when I am headed to work and it is rele wet I dont want my socks getting soaked. I then change into a pair of flats when I get there.

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