best place to get measured for bra properly

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tracyk Mon 12-Jun-06 12:14:11

in person or online? I really need new underwear!

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JackieNo Mon 12-Jun-06 12:15:36

I think it has to be in person. Rigby & Peller are supposed to be the best, but they're only in London, I think, so if you can't get there, maybe a Bravissimo?

mazzystar Mon 12-Jun-06 12:16:42

John Lewis are very good. My experience of M&S is dire.

Any independent shop should also be good.

tracyk Mon 12-Jun-06 12:19:49

Would love Rigby & Peller - but too far away unfortunately. Do small lingerie shops do big sizes - they always seem to look like skinny minnie type shops!

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JackieNo Mon 12-Jun-06 12:21:08

Bravissimo do. They're in quite a lot of places .

Tommy Mon 12-Jun-06 12:22:14


tracyk Mon 12-Jun-06 12:26:26

Thanks Jackieno - they have a shop in Glasgow - perfect!

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plummymummy Mon 12-Jun-06 22:40:24

I second John lewis

Surfermum Mon 12-Jun-06 22:41:50

I always go to Contessa.

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