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GHD or Remington Keratin straighteners that are less than half the price

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amotherincognito Fri 02-Aug-13 19:33:14

...which should I get? I can afford the GHD ones as a treat but would rather not buy them if they aren't actually any better than the £40 Remingtons on offer!

notamumlolumz Wed 07-Aug-13 18:00:43

Hi OP my GHDs have been great. I've had them for years and they straighten/ curl hair in a very small amount of time. They are usually more expensive then other straighteners but I think their worth it smile hope this helps x

Amumincognito Fri 09-Aug-13 16:34:31

Ok, I've now tried wide GHDs, Bbayliss and the Remington ones I bought.

I've out the Remingtons on hotter and actually now I think they are just as good as the others. I don't think the GhD ones are all that compared to the other two. The Babyliss Pros were great. Very good value!

trickydickie Fri 09-Aug-13 17:08:56

Thanks for letting us know Amum - think my job next week is to try and sell my wide ghd's on gumtree and if I get them sold for the same price as the Remington's then I will buy the Remingtons. If I do I will come back and give my humble opinion on them!

Holymoly321 Fri 09-Aug-13 18:36:30

Ok, I can contribute to this thread (somewhat). I have mixed race curly hair which I have been straightening since year dot. My old straigtheners gave up the ghost two weeks ago and I was contemplating buying GHD's, but wow, the cost! Ending up buying Babyliss Pro Elegance 235 as they were on offer in Argos for around £30 They were rubbish. Returned them and got Remington Shine Therapy (half price at £40) and they are brilliant. I've used GHD's in hairdressers and honestly cannot tell the difference in quality (in fact I have to say I think I prefer the Remington) The Remingtons have variable control up to 230c but I get fab results at 210 - have not even had to try 230. Obv everyone has diff hair and experience, but as someone who uses them pretty much everyday (naughty I know!), I think they are a brilliant product for an excellent price.

plentyofsoap Fri 09-Aug-13 20:01:49

GHD are excellent plus they last forever. I tried different ones and returned to them...

trickydickie Thu 15-Aug-13 11:06:12

Well I have bought the Remington keratin ones now and just waiting on them being delivered. Think I have sold my older set of ghd's on gumtree (if person turns up).

Will update on my verdict in a couple of days.

TheCraicDealer Thu 15-Aug-13 11:15:02

Don't muck about- get the GHD's. I have a set from 2008 used daily (for most of that time twice a day) since and they're still in perfect working order. The newer ones are also good, DSis has some. They're lighter and I would love to get a new set but can't justify it as my antiques ones are still grand.

pmegan Tue 16-Dec-14 16:44:12

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