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Gillian76 Sun 11-Jun-06 20:41:42

Do you think someone of size 20 proportions could wear a skirt like this ?

27 ins length

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Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 21:08:21

Message withdrawn

fullmoonfiend Sun 11-Jun-06 21:10:32

i love that skirt, you go girl!

Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 21:11:55

Message withdrawn

HarpsichordCarrier Sun 11-Jun-06 21:12:04

sure you could. Nice wedgey shoes.
nice skirt.

<<<<resists going onto ebay>>>>>

Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 21:13:00

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 21:15:00

Message withdrawn


Gillian76 Sun 11-Jun-06 22:38:59

Well if you're sure...

Not really a skirt girl but feel moved with all this skirt talk recently.

And pink shoes???

Am excited too!

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Gillian76 Sun 11-Jun-06 22:39:22

But cannot imagine DH in pink alas.

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Gillian76 Sun 11-Jun-06 23:21:50

Anyone know how Boden sizing goes? Have never ordered for myself.

Am size 20 in Wallis/Principles. Size 18/20 in Monsoon.

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Cod Mon 12-Jun-06 10:53:29

Message withdrawn

CaptainDippy Mon 12-Jun-06 11:58:18

That skirt is gorgeous - Did you win it?? Loved the 1st top cod suggested, pink shoes would be fab - I think you'll look stunning. Not sure how Boden do on sizes but thought I'd bump it up for you too!!

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:13:47

not keen on the teeshirt cod.

have a look in m and s autograph they ahve some lovely tops there

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:14:05

second top is one i dont like

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:16:07

this top in pink would be nice

Cod Mon 12-Jun-06 12:16:19

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:17:15

or this top

GDG Mon 12-Jun-06 12:17:31

Boden sizes I find on the bigger size for women. I always get the size that's the smallest I usually wear iyswim!

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:18:10

this really nice and in pink

Cod Mon 12-Jun-06 12:18:19

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:22:57

these are very pretty

GDG Mon 12-Jun-06 12:29:52

I think if a size 18-20 a higher heel would be better with that length of skirt - a wedge maybe - more comfy than stilletto.

bottom right, pink plaited wedges

bottom left, they are turquoise but that skirt has loads of colours in?

lots of pink flats if you prefer

Beetroot Mon 12-Jun-06 12:33:30

god next still makes me shudder!!

GDG Mon 12-Jun-06 12:37:53

Hehehe - I'm not a fan either Beety but lots of people post shoes from there and I know other people like it!

Cod Mon 12-Jun-06 12:46:03

Message withdrawn

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