When do BOYS start to care what they look like, and what they wear?

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Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 21:34:42

Message withdrawn

roisin Sun 11-Jun-06 18:59:00

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tassis Sun 11-Jun-06 18:56:10

my 3 year old is hugely opinionate about what he will and won't wear.

thankfully can still be fooled though - just bought him v traditional brown leather sandals that he'll wear no problem so long as I can them his "sports sandals"! don't suppose I'll get away with that for much longer...

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Jun-06 18:54:25

ds doesn't mind so long as its got flowers or motorbikes. he's 2.8.

katiebl Sun 11-Jun-06 18:51:22

When they hit their midlife crisis? Isn't that the only time that males care about their apperance?

sallystrawberry Sun 11-Jun-06 18:40:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScummyMummy Sun 11-Jun-06 18:38:14

I think it's kind of from birth, roisin. One of my twins has always taken a strong interest and the other hasn't at all.


NomDePlume Sun 11-Jun-06 18:37:39

DS1 (now 14) and DS2 (12.5) started having opinions on what clothes we bought for them at around 11. A word of warning though, just because they've decided on a particular style DOES NOT mean that you will agree on their sartorial choices.....

hoxtonchick Sun 11-Jun-06 18:36:47

my ds is only 4 roisin, but since he was about 2 he's been really quite into what he's wearing. so maybe some kids 'get' it & some don't. if i have a new handbag, ds will often notice it before dp does (this isn't a bad thing ), & will often comment on what i'm wearing. not sure this answers your question though.....

roisin Sun 11-Jun-06 18:33:50

DS2 has always been vaguely interested, but ds1 (nearly 9) is blissfully unaware how bedraggled he looks. He refuses to wear anything unless it's comfy, and just constantly lives in the same few tracky bottoms - usually with hideously clashing socks and T-shirts.

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