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Navy or grey bag big enough to be a changing bag?

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suntodayplease Wed 31-Jul-13 14:52:43

Please help me find a new changing bag that isn't a changing bag. Budget up to £200 - on the basis that it has life after nappies. Needs to have a strap long enough to hang on pushchair or cross body. Internal compartments would be nice but I realise that not many will have this if they are not changing bags.
The only changing bag which I like the look of is the storksak Elizabeth in dove grey if that helps? If I can't find anything else I'll probably end up with this, unless I've missed others from my search?

Thank you!

madammecholet Wed 31-Jul-13 14:56:03

I used this in the pink version for a nappy bag... still use it for DC days mariella .. has 2 straps and goes across a pram.. No internal compartment, just a zip side pocket and 3 open pockets on other side. 2 zip pockets on back too tho..

JennySense Wed 31-Jul-13 16:24:17

Just buy yourself a nice bag. For 200 quid I'd buy a great bag - a change bag is not essential!

Josie314 Wed 31-Jul-13 16:34:39

I have a Storksak Elizabeth bag in navy and it's great. All the compartments, but could pass for a normal bag.

primallass Wed 31-Jul-13 19:43:42

buildingmycorestrength Wed 31-Jul-13 20:35:16

Search on eBay for 'oilcloth messenger bag' and there are loads and they are cheap. Wish I'd not bothered with a change bag, tbh, just got a big bag that would fit a change of clothes.

carrielou2007 Thu 01-Aug-13 08:59:22

Storksak Eluzabeth is a fab bag, one to use when you're out if the baby stage as such a lovely bag. I have it in black quilted and a shell colour. How about Baby Beau Kobe a messenger in navy? They were reduced to £100 I have chocolate again would use for years after as a lively leather bag. Sugar jack are lively bags but none in navy or grey.

carrielou2007 Thu 01-Aug-13 08:59:46

Lovely not lively smile

suntodayplease Thu 01-Aug-13 20:07:20

Thanks for all your suggestions. My OP may not have been very clear, ideally I don't want to buy a proper changing bag, this is For DC 2 due shortly. I'd rather invest in a bag which was suitable for being out without the DC, but was big enough to hold toddler bits and newborn.
I've ordered the mariella before and returned it, it felt a bit stiff. The navy looks more slouchy in the photo though.
I looked at the Lin and Leo bags last time I was pregnant and was all set to order, then saw one IRL and was a bit dissapointed.
The Baby Beau bags are lovely but the style I love only available in pale pink, great idea with the liner, same with Sugarjack.

So I think what I'm after is a large hobo type bag with a cross body strap, I saw this - yep it's tan but that could work, but I'm not sure it's big enough, plus I'm not sure if the additional strap is long enough to be a cross body one...

Has anyone come across a really large cross body bag?!
Thanks v much!

Tweet2tweet Thu 01-Aug-13 20:21:30

I wouldn't buy suede, stains easily and if you get caught in the rain etc it could end up with water marks. Furla have some lovely bags in sale at mo. For a throw around what about something like this. Although I prefer this, just not as practical!

suntodayplease Thu 01-Aug-13 20:26:09

Thanks, I'll take a look at Furla. I must have linked the wrong version of the Russell and Bromley bag, it also comes in tan leather. Slightly more practical...

SallyTurner Sat 21-Sep-13 23:53:11

Amazon have good changing bags available and the Kobe Messenger is on there and has been reduced to £91.00

belleandbee Mon 10-Mar-14 09:57:55

I know this is a very old thread and I am sorry add a question to your original question/post. The Storksak Elizabeth Shell changing bag, for those who have one in Shell, could you post a picture or 2 of it? I would greatly appreciate it. Could you describe the color and let me know how yours has held up? Is is a pink or more beige? I have the opportunity to purchase one in that color and wondered about it.

luvfizz Mon 10-Mar-14 11:06:50

I was looking for a hobo style bag and found these. The Georgia is super soft - I love it!

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