Not so much a Do Not Wear as a Do Not Buy thread...

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MrsBadger Sat 10-Jun-06 21:16:17

... and the thing not to buy is the cream lace bodice/bustier top with the ribbon at the waist from Coast.

and why shouldn't you buy it?

because everyone's got one.

I was at a ball in London last night and counted seven girls were wearing it. Seven.

Don't do it!

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WelshBoris Sat 10-Jun-06 21:18:32

Cod LOVES coast

there is one in debenhams in swansea, can never find anything that wouldnt make me look at least 30

tassis Sat 10-Jun-06 21:20:58

(LOL at looking at least 30!!!)

tassis Sat 10-Jun-06 21:20:58

(LOL at looking at least 30!!!)

WelshBoris Sat 10-Jun-06 21:22:08

MrsBadger Sat 10-Jun-06 21:28:14

well, generally I love Coast too (if I could ever afford it, or ever needed that kind of clothes), but I couldn't believe they'd saturated the market so completely.

Maybe they're all MNers and Cod's been advising them all...

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Cod Sun 11-Jun-06 15:36:02

Message withdrawn

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