Where can I get some trendy sandals for my ds?

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LIZS Mon 12-Jun-06 16:52:33

They do Columbia, Reef, Teva, Jack Wolfskin et al here

SoupDragon Sun 11-Jun-06 20:38:23


trace2 Sun 11-Jun-06 19:52:58

charles clinkard, do diffrent makes have seen some like that there

peachygirl Sun 11-Jun-06 19:48:53

Have you tried ecco?

pickle100 Sun 11-Jun-06 19:45:04

You can get Reef ones from surfy type shops like quicksilver

Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 22:57:42

I got ds's ones last year in a sports shop but they only go up to 2.5.

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MerlinsBeard Sat 10-Jun-06 20:37:17

hahaha lol! well maybe bob the builder not quite what ur looking for!

Did wonder when u said he had timberlands last yr!


LIZS Sat 10-Jun-06 20:37:12

where are you ? John Lewis and outdoor shops like Snow and Rock and Blacks do Columbia, Merrell and Teva iirc? Have you tried a Timberland store or a Jones'?

Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 20:23:03

Thanks again Cod. Could try Guildford.

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Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 20:22:12

mom - thanks but he is 8.5yrs and is adult size. have to lol at the look on his face if i gave him bob the builder

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MerlinsBeard Sat 10-Jun-06 20:19:12

my DS has size 3.5 feet and has bob the builder ones that r just like those timberland ones.From Woolies,

Cod Sat 10-Jun-06 20:18:39

Message withdrawn

Cod Sat 10-Jun-06 20:18:07

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 20:17:33

Aww very sweet cod but i wouldn't expect you to do that

I live in Surrey

Do they do mail order?

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Cod Sat 10-Jun-06 20:15:12

Message withdrawn

Cod Sat 10-Jun-06 20:14:35

Message withdrawn

pickle100 Sat 10-Jun-06 20:14:15

Reef do nice ones

Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 20:14:00

Thanks Cod. We don't have one near us though

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Cod Sat 10-Jun-06 20:12:31

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sat 10-Jun-06 20:12:05

Last year he had Timberlands and they were great as they went with everything, these ones here . They don't seem to do them in ds's size anymore, which is 3-3.5.

The reason I liked them is that they looked really good with everything and lasted.


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