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Going Grey...

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RocketSalad Mon 29-Jul-13 11:37:20

After advice from any of you ladies who are managing their grey hair...

My natural hair colour is quite dark with a smattering of grey throughout and very prominent grey streaks around the temples and fringe. It is a shoulder length shaggy bob (which I have purposely done to cope with this process - usually long). I have been using Daniel Field watercolours for some years, with great results, however I feel the time has come to go lighter as I look rather washed out with the dark colour. I have tried to use increasingly lighter colours (daniel field product) but have reached a point where the greys are too many and too difficult to cover unless I am redoing every other week. I don't want to leave product in my hair for ages as this seems to cause build up so I am considering the blonde route. I was blonde years back but changed because of the damage to my hair.

Have any of you gone down this road, what did you decide or try and how did it work out? Or is it time to bite the bullet and just go for the grey whilst it won't be too noticeable on the grow out stages?

AuntySib Tue 06-Aug-13 00:18:04

Just gone back to brown after 6 months blonde because of grey issues you describe. Changed back only because DH didn't like me blonde ( I thought it was OK, blue eyes, pale skin, so not too unreasonable). It worked from point of view that grey in temples and roots didn't show up as much, in 6 months I touched up roots once myself, and then one hairdresser visit for whole head. Definitely lower maintenance.

DameDoom Tue 06-Aug-13 00:31:35

I was a natural blonde until recently when the grey, well more white with me, started creeping in. to be honest, I am grateful I made it to my forties without total grey out. For me, it's only my left side that is totally white while the other sides remains just streaked. Highlights now look brassy and common on me so I am thinking of an all over silvery platinum tint to even the sides up. I can't afford, or be arsed, with mega upkeep.
I have seen some amazing greys on women recently and am constantly keeping my eye out for how they make it work. Well conditioned grey with lovely glowy make-up looks a million dollars IMHO

mercury7 Tue 06-Aug-13 01:23:41

I'm about to go blonde (all being well) after using dark colours for several years didnt have too much difficulty covering my greys but really dont like the look of lighter roots when they start to show.
Uncharted waters for me...I've only every had my hair red or dark before.

I know it looks good on some women but there's no way I'd just go grey, I'd look 20 years older sad

Loveleopardprint Tue 06-Aug-13 21:30:43

Go for it!!! Total freedom from hair dye is fantastic. Just keep your haircut sharp and well maintained. Get a spray on shine serum and a shampoo for platinum hair. wink

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