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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

Share your best style tips please :-)

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Hamwidgeandcheps Sun 28-Jul-13 19:33:31

I have seen some really glamorous, put together mums in the last week, out and about. I can't seem to dress myself for when I am with the dds anymore hmm

If you look amazing at soft play and such like please tell me what you wear and where you shop. Tia

NotQuitePerfect Wed 07-Aug-13 22:57:24

Great post Mrs Lettuce - am going to try to remember those tips! smile

MrsLettuce Sat 03-Aug-13 09:16:09

Not so much style as, well, what granny would say, but valid none the less I feel:

Wear underwear that fits, the number of people that I see who have ruin their outfits with too-tight-pants is crazy. Of bras enough has been said lately, much of it very wise indeed.

Don't forget to do neck, decollete and hands, not just just face, with your good moisturiser, serum, sunblock and whatnot.

Good posture is all. Honestly.

Confidence can (and should) be faked, wherever necessary. Nobody at all knows how you feel inside.

Arrange your face.
Doesn't matter how much time, thought and effort one puts into clothing, acessories, hair, make up and maintenance it can all be spoilt in an instant with a scowl, condescending look or sneer.

Jeans and trousers are not obligatory, if they don't flatter you don't wear them. End of. TBH same applies to any item of clothing.

Style beats fashion every. single. time.
The only exception to this is the girls and women (regardless of age) of a certain height and build for whom 'fashion' is intended. Women of this type should, of course, not feel obliged to follow fashion should they actually have a sense of style.
So. FInd out what you love. Develop your style, keep developing it. When some numpty finally decides that some element what suits and flatters you is 'fashionable' buy, buy, buy. But, quality over quantity, natch.

When walking in an unexpected rain shower / having a crisis of confidence / a seam splits / child pukes all over you in public / other unexpected shit happens, stand up straight, arrange your face and walk at a normal speed.

There is no age at which a particular hair style or skirt is too long or too short.

Following style and fashion rules is for those who lack the confidence to do their own thing. So, I repeat, confidence can (and should) be faked, wherever necessary.

Hamwidgeandcheps Fri 02-Aug-13 23:48:08

That's roller dedication grin
I have tried v hard this week with outfit planning and accessories. This was my first week back at work and I actually felt really good grin
I work in a town centre with an odd collection of shops. There's a Dorothy Perkins, new look and peacocks then some quite fancy charity shops and an old fashioned posh department store and a marks and spencer outlet. My female colleague and I are always boasting about charity shop purchases grin
Marks had some amazing camel coloured over sized retro sunglasses this week. If they are still there next week I'm going to buy some - def am accessory I can justify according to this thread grin

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Fri 02-Aug-13 18:58:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyStepMummy Thu 01-Aug-13 15:05:35

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 11:22:32

Thanks for shoulder-altering info from way down thread CoTananat - only just got back on here!

Hamwidgeandcheps Wed 31-Jul-13 21:58:00

It was the correct janner pronunciation grin

cloudskitchen Wed 31-Jul-13 20:50:41

sorry I spelled your name wrong thanks

cloudskitchen Wed 31-Jul-13 20:50:16

Take them back hamwidgencheps. thats not on!

Hamwidgeandcheps Wed 31-Jul-13 19:56:56

In one attempt to move away from leggings I bought some jeans in next. They are sort of mint green skinnies. Well they were until I washed them. Now they look like 80's mum jeans angry error!

DesperateHousewife21 Wed 31-Jul-13 17:10:05

I tend to stay away from leggings now because, no offence to anyone that wears them, I don't think they look v nice.

Agree with hair looking good (not always something I manage, esp atm its at an inbetween stage of growing a fringe out so can look awful) it doesn't always need to look polished with a sleek cut as long as its doesn't look lanky/greasy/ really frizzy.

I use coconut oil on the second half of my hair every couple of weeks/ once a month which makes a big difference.

Im at a crossroads with my clothes atm, Im 23 and size 8 which I think is quite a hard age to dress for. Im not a teenager anymore, getting away with short skirts/ shorts and t shirts but then Im also not in my 30s/ 40s which I think Jaeger/ Coast cater for more.
Ive got two children so my belly isn't great but Ive got a good figure and Im tall.
I love Zara I get most of my wardrobe from there, in fact my mum buys a lot from there and shes 55!

In winter I spend my life in skinnies/ jumpers and summer tends to be maxi dresses/ light weight skinnies and tops. Then dressed up with jewellery/ sunglasses and Ive recently invested in a real leather large brown bag which I looove!

mckenzie Wed 31-Jul-13 15:35:42

Go and have a session wih the Personal shopper at John lewis. You dont need to spend a fortune to be able to use this service. You might just want a new pair fo jeans. But they taught me more about what clothes/styes/shapes to buy to suit me in 10 minutes than I'd taught myself in my lifetime!
Less is definitely more too. One really decent well cut well fitted skirt can be worn with half a dozen different tops/blouses and will look different every time.
Let's be honest, most of us have washing machines that are on fairly frequently so we don't need lots of different outfits. Just have a few that make you feel a million dollars and wear them, all the time!

I should add though that i've been trying for a while to find some decent boyfriend jeans, tried the department stores, went up to way beyond my normal price range (I went up to about £200 odd) but i have found them in....... Peacocks! they fit perfectly, they are thin so ideal for this time of year and I've worn them twice and both times had nice comments smile

TiredMule Wed 31-Jul-13 13:03:08

Just marking my place grin

Loveitall Wed 31-Jul-13 12:47:51

grr, tried to buy new jeans today - was going for quality rather than cheap - and couldnt find any i liked!!

sherbetpips Wed 31-Jul-13 12:19:44

Wear clothes that fit you, not the size that you think fits you, ditto for bras. Take two of three different sizes in with you and buy the one that looks great, whatever the size may say. Lots of size 10 and 12 women walk around with muffin tops and bulging backs from bra straps because they cant bear to go a size larger. The shops do not offer uniform sizing so there is no point following it.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 31-Jul-13 11:46:55

It's worth paying a bit more for quality than having loads of flimsy stuff from George at Asda. That's not meant to sound snobby it's just that ultimately you'll get more wear out of quality items. ok I guess this may be true but I prefer having lots and lots of clothes to mix and match with and unless its a really cheap nylony fabric I buy loads from george, primark , new look etc. I team stuff up and some of my things are more expensive. virtually all my jewellry is from primark and new look and I get loads of compliments, I know what suits me. my fave outfit at the moment is a plain black jersey maxi dress today its with a slouchy mustard yellow cardigan and shoes and a long string of mustardy coloured beads. my weekend outfit was a pair of white (BHS) crop jeans a fine knit pink cardi and jumper set from Kaliedoscope and a chunky silver necklace, earrings and bangle from the Primark collection smile and for work tomorrow its a jersey aztec print maxi (primark) with long black cardi or biker jacket depending on the weather with an aztec style neclace and matching earrings. I agree with the person who said 'if you don't feel good in it... ditch it' and have regular clear outs / tidying sessions / trying on sessions its suprising how you forget what you have and what still fits and what goes with what.

amigababy Wed 31-Jul-13 10:35:23

<marking place, will read later>

Dilidali Wed 31-Jul-13 10:33:28

ascendo, i think it depends. My face is very small with very high cheekbones, I would never pull long earrings and necklace together unless I go for the christmas tree look. I am wearing discrete studs with necklaces.
The only time I can match necklaces with earrings (studs) is if I am wearing pearls, I am very dark and the white really brightens up my face, but it is not a look I would use every day.
The most used necklace lately is a mint velvet one, very long with some random silvery leaves hanging off it.

Had a think about the pulled together look last night. To sum it up for me it would be: clean, polished, ironed, discrete, fitting, scented and an attitude to match.
I went on a visit the other day and met this very very old friend that I haven't seen in years, I didn't know she will be there, it was a family do. I thought she looked very well and told her so, only to open the floodgates: yeah, but look at my belly, look at my burst veins, look at, look at, I look like shit, but look at you, I would never be able to wear a jersey dress like you and look fantastic etc. Well, I have a bit of a belly too, and burst capillaries and so on, I am hardly 20 anymore. She then asks me ifI breastfed, because my boobs aren't saggy!!!! As it happens I did and they are going south. Did you have them lifted? Christ no, I just wear a bra!
What I am saying is that no matter how I explained, she truelly believed I looked good and she didn't. The thing is, she does look good, it's all in her head, she would probably look better than me in my dress, but she just won't register.
So attitude is vital.

MrsHoarder Wed 31-Jul-13 09:53:44

I have naturally messy hair and insufficient time to style it: I just put it up roughly by not pulling it through fully on the final "loop" of a ponytail. Takes seconds and looks fairly tidy.

Unless you are going into quite a pricey shop, stick to plain clothes. The more patterned the clothes, the cheaper they tend to look.

So Primark is fine for plain vests and long-sleeved t-shirts. Buy lots of them and layer for bf. Then you will need to hunt in charity shops/ebay for 2-3 nice skirts and a jacket or two to wear on rotation.

Finally I do wear dresses and leggings, but the dress needs to be above mid-thigh for it to be a good look. I think it only works on the tall maybe?

gettingeasiernow Wed 31-Jul-13 09:51:55

For example, all of hte following look dreadful on me because of my shape and I avoid like the plague: short sleeves (sleeveless or elbow length much better), A line, shirts with collars and buttons at front (look like a bloke), tailored jackets (bloke, again), boyfriend jeans (my arse is too flat to balance my saggy tum, beer drinking bloke), high collars (jawline too defined).
So....choose your neckline (boat shape or scoop good on me due to broad shoulders/decent boobs), dress shape (see above), dress length.
That Trinny/Susannah book years ago about deciding what body shape you are and what to avoid is a HUGE help if you are confused, or if you wonder why you feel rubbish in something you like on the peg or on a friend.
That and get your colours done - it's a lifelong investment.

Hamwidgeandcheps Wed 31-Jul-13 09:47:30

Morning all grin
Ok today I think I look ok - black stretchy skinnies (I have one pair of uncomfy jeans grin) and black batwing stretchy long top with camel hush puppies ballet flats. Messy up do. This is def me wearing clothes I think are too good for every day - need to do it more. Later I will be wearing rags while I get highlights done I have had stuff wrecked by toner before.
Teeth whitening I had done couple years back - well worth it but I'm due a scale and polish I reckon.
I bought some Argan oil for my hair - amazing! I put it on and went to bed with hair still damp - woke up to loose waves and actual shine!

AscendoTuum Wed 31-Jul-13 09:42:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AscendoTuum Wed 31-Jul-13 09:36:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gettingeasiernow Wed 31-Jul-13 09:25:05

Also agree with getting your colours done - I did this 25 years ago and it's saved me so much time/money over the years. Everything in your wardrobe matches and suits you.

gettingeasiernow Wed 31-Jul-13 09:21:05

Agree with hair comments above - v. important.
But most of all, know your look.
Trinny and Susannah were very good for this.
I like a very simple uncluttered look so keep hair and makeup as polished as I can and then keep simple dress/plain colour/no patterns/no accessories but focus on the shape being absolutely right for my body shape (big shoulders boobs, slim hips, wobbly tum but good legs, can look matronly in the wrong clothes but athletic in the right ones). I suit pencil/straight shapes, on the knee length, and sleeveless because the shoulders give it definition. Also hate heels in summer as they make you look as if you are trying way too hard (not so in winter paired with opaques though). I like it to look simple, groomed and easy, as if you haven't tried.

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