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More bra stuff: new bras after breastfeeding

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vvviola Tue 23-Jul-13 08:09:12

I need help finding new bras!

I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for over 2 years, and now that I'm about to come to the end of feeding (no feeds for 36 hours, I'd say we'll be totally finished by next week), I can't wait to burn all my hideous feeding bras & get some new ones.

Problem 1: money is relatively tight so probably just 2 or 3 decent bras for the moment - black, white, tan I suppose
Problem 2: I'm not in the UK (or my home country) so I've no idea what places are good or otherwise.
Problem 3: I went to Bravissimo once. They changed me from a 36DD to a 32F. I couldn't breathe. I tried the bra a few times and it only got worse and I got deep red welts on my back from it. So went back to my M&S fitted 36DD (although te next time I went there they tried to convince me I was a 38C)

Can anyone help me - with figuring out the right size & style, given I'm probably a touch smaller than I was when I wore the 36DD?

Oh, and should I be waiting after finishing up feeding for things to settle down, or after almost 2 years of feeding am I pretty much the size I'll stay?

Some kind of body scanning, perfect-bra-making technology should be invented!

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 08:17:23

OK, I wouldn't bother with a white bra, nude/tan is much more useful as it doesn't show under pale clothing (and doesn't go grey in the wash). On-line ordering is probably going to be the best solution for you. Brastop, Amazon, Figleaves, Me & My Curves are all good.

What are your measurements? See here for guidance on measuring.

vvviola Tue 23-Jul-13 12:42:59

Ok, so I'm 34 under and 43 or so over (I wasn't sure how tight to pull the tape in for the over measurement). Which makes me. 34G??? Is that right? Sounds totally off the wall to me (considering I thought I was huge when I was first fitted for a DD after my first pregnancy!)

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 16:54:11

34G sounds about right but be prepared to try other sizes around that (e.g. 34GG/H, perhaps even a 32 back but go up a cup or two).

MsFlippingHeck Tue 23-Jul-13 16:59:21

I really wouldn't buy any for a couple of weeks. You might find your breasts shrink a bit more, 36 hrs isn't very long. Sorry, I know you'll be desperate to ditch the nursing bras.

vvviola Wed 24-Jul-13 01:39:30

Oh MsFlippingHeck I was afraid someone would say that confused

I just so want to be rid of these bras. But considering how sore I feel right now (DD has been crying and snuggling into me, so my body got the wrong message I think), trying on bras would probably be an uncomfortable proposition!

Will give it a couple of weeks & then hit the local shops for trying on - and then I guess look online if I need to.

It would be really nice if some of my old bras still fitted, but somehow I doubt it!

ShoeWhore Wed 24-Jul-13 04:42:01

I'd wait a few weeks as well, sorry!

vvviola Fri 26-Jul-13 04:42:10

Hmm, tried on my old 36DD bras as I was desperate to get out of the nursing bras (which were a really bad fit too). They seem to fit fine, of perhaps, from what I know now, a little loose on the back.

Would it be a very bad idea to wear them on the tightest hook & see how I go for the next couple of months? Rather than being fitted in a couple of weeks and having to shell out again in a few months time (potentially shrinking a bit and also hopefully some more weight loss)?

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