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Mulberry bag price's

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znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:27:16

I just bought a genuine mulberry east west bayswater bag. i bought it off ebay for £400, it was brand new with all tags etc intact. The seller even gave me the receipt.
As i dont own a bag like this..i am just wondering if the price i paid seems reasonable? How much are they usually for?
I am looking online but cant seem to find a price for it (or maybe im looking in the wrong places) can someone let me know if ive been ripped off or not...please!

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:01:12

I thought those style of Mulberrys weren't lined- or am I behind the times?

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 17:01:47

purse forum

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:02:09


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:05:05

How do we know this poster is genuine? Sorry OP if this is all genuine- but it could be someone 'checking the punters' before trying to sell the bag on ebay.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:06:17

I just find it hard to believe that anyone would pay £400 for a bag and not have done some research first on prices- it's easy to look at them online etc. Or ask here before bidding.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:06:30


Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:07:17

OP can tou post the ebay link so that its clickable?

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:08:17

If you are a genuine poster then take the bag and the receipt to your nearest Mulberry shop. If you've been had, then you will have to make a claim through Ebay.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:12:53


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:15:18

Can't you link to the auction on Ebay? That would be proof that you are a genuine poster about this rather than someone wanting to sell a bag.

this is a Mulberry east west Baywater- your doesn't look the same.


Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:16:21

OP I cant see the pics. Can you make the link clickable.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:16:35

my ebay user id is the same as this one...i am a genuine person who prefers everything to be genuine...

I dont know what possessed me when i bought this bag...
if you can access the link on ebay the one i will see all the pics

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:17:26

how do i make the pics cliackable

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:18:38

Tick ths little box

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:18:42

squalorvictoria Sat 20-Jul-13 17:19:10

OP - the eBay photos don't show the reverse of the Mulberry fob and the "Made In" tag. If you'd like me to try and put your mind at rest, please post them.

The authenticators at the Purse Forum will ask for those pics as well.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:19:43

Why don't you post a link to Ebay where we can see the seller's description and their pics. You can access that through your Ebay account because you have just bought the bag- so the info will be on the site.

No one knows from what you have posted whether this is a bag you bought- or something else.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:22:16

If you click on the ebay link i posted, it should take you to the original listing....and then scroll for me.

there is no 'made in' tag and the picture with the 4 small pics shows the fobs...are they not visible
i can try again

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:23:37


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:24:52

The auction describes it as a Bayswater not an East West which is different.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:26:47

The tags say 'bayswater' aswell but someone else said it was the east west because it didnt have the lock and key.

Is it a bayswater? genuine..?

squalorvictoria Sat 20-Jul-13 17:27:36

I don't think the photo shows the REVERSE of the fob with the serial number, does it? That's what I'm asking for.

SugarSpunSisters Sat 20-Jul-13 17:27:40

The sellers description is awful!

"hi This beautiful Mulberry Bayswater is from my own personal collection,IT NEW WITH TAG HAVE BUY MULLBERRY BAG FROM SHEPTON MALLET FACTORY SHOP ON 16 APR 2013 AND I HAVE BUY 2 BAG AT THE SAME DAY SO NOW NEED MONEY for my sister wedding AND WANT TO SALE ONE this mulberry classic bag in colour GRAPHITE DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS ITEM WILL POSTED ONCE CLEARED PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED UK BIDDERS ONLY this items dure to TIMEWASTERS & NON PAYERS !! am do not accepted buyer lest then 30 feedback (Please note: No returns accepted) NO TIMEWASTERS & NON PAYERS PLEASE!!
Happy Bidding"

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 20-Jul-13 17:29:48

The ebay sellers written English is actually quite poor.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:31:11

Well, presumably English is not her mother tongue.

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